Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Settling Well

Changing school has always been a tough time for the children. It's a BIG BIG deal in their life. They will have new friends, teachers and surroundings. My children had settling down quite well now. This is their 2nd week at their new school.

On the first day, when Nabila and Hakeem came back from school, they were not happy at all. They were telling about things that they don't like here and kept mentioning about their old school and friends. They even cried and said wanted to go back to Malaysia.

On the second day, Nabila came back with a big smile on her face. She was happily telling me about what she learned and her friends in the class. As for Hakeem, he was still unhappy. He got no friends to play with and felt lonely. Hakeem.. being the youngest and spoiled one in the family always expect people would do everything for him. I know that he was actually expect friends to come to him instead he go to them.

On the third day, both of them came back happily singing their school song in the car. Well.. something is happening here I thought. Hakeem excitedly told me that he got a friend. I was so relieved and happy.

His excitement of getting new friends continued till this week. He even proudly told me that he just have not only one friend but five and six friends. Well done Hakeem and I could see that he is settling down well. As for Nabila, she's doing great.

Both of them are learning to adapt with the new rules and culture here. They learn french which now seems to be their favorite subject. In the school, they also got to buy food at the tuck shop. This is the most thrilled part as they got to spend money and buy on their own which I don't really encourage. I would prefer them to eat their packed lunch.

As for Nurul, she is doing great and settling down well. She is very happy with her new school and friends which is a big relieve to me. She has started having lots of homework and books to read. She's in Year 9 and taking IGCSE next year. I pray that she'll do well.

As for me.. I am happy here. Being here again is just like a refreshing life for me. I have lots of advantages as I've lived here before. I know the place quite well. I am more or less know what to expect, so do what is right and no to what is wrong! No thrill right?.. tak suspen je.. But still I feel everyday when I wake up, it will be a new challenging day for me.

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