Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Raya Eve

Esuk Hari Raya! Yes.. today is the last day of Ramadhan n we will be celebrating Eid tomorrow. At last after 7 years not being able to celebrate Raya here in my hometown, I finally have the chance. This year I will be celebrating Eid in Malacca. On the second day we will be driving back to Alor Setar.

Those days during this Raya eve when my Mom was still around, I was the busiest person in the house. Being the only daughter in the family I was like orang kanan to my Mom. I still remember helping her made ketupat. My mom was very good in making ketupat from the coconut leaves. I then helped her to fill up the ketupat with rice.

My mom loved to bake cookies. She sometimes got ordered from her friends. Her specialty was pineapple jam tart. As for me, I was in charged in making cakes. I used to make orange cake, marble n chocolate cake. Oh.. I really miss those days. The moments when I was busying helping my mom in the kitchen preparing for Raya dishes.

Tonight here in Malacca it’s a tradition that people coming around from house to house to perform takbir. Our house here is not as busy coz only my family, Nazri n Kak Ngah who are celebrating Raya here. Mak said it’s a normal yearly cooking that she’s going to prepare for tomorrow.

Both of my two little kids – Nabila & Hakeem now seem to understand what Raya is all about. They really are looking forward for tomorrow n so excited to put on their baju melayu n baju kurung.

This year I didn’t make any cookies n didn’t have to prepare any dish for Raya. I am just helping my mother in-law preparing all the cooking. Certainly I am also missing the time celebrating Raya abroad. As for me, no matter where you celebrate the festival either in Malaysia or abroad, the most important thing is as long as your family are with u.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Family Gathering

Today we had everybody gathered around at Mak’s house for Iftar, except the big sis Alongsorry ye.. We were so delighted to see Nazri as he came back for his Raya holiday. I had not seen him since we left Oman. There were many things to catch up especially news from Oman. The hot n sizzling updated stories!

Mak made Nasi lemak n we ordered a must family’s favourite – pizza. Beside that me n hubby who always couldn’t resist not going to Pasar Ramadhan bought a few kuih n drinks. I bought the big karipap which seems to be famous in Malacca. I’ve never seen one as big as this before. It’s RM1 each!

The food was good with the family get together n the kids running around, the eagerness, excitement of eating that made it more happening. After having quite scrumptious heavy dinner we lepak2 outside drinking coffee. Chit chatting with jokes n laughs.

Later on it’s the children’s entertainment – main bunga api. I brought some leftover that we bought in KL. We don’t have many left but still the kids were having fun. Nazri – Pak Teh was showing off the skill to all his nieces n nephews. He promised to buy some which are more exciting n adventurous than tonight. Of course not meriam buluh!

Later on late at night all of us ‘bujang-bujang’ had our teh tarik session at kedai mamak. Dalam kenyang2 pun still we ordered roti canai n tose! So I guess no sahur for me tonight.

Tonight was such an enjoyable Iftar for me. I love the crowd n the company of the family. Looking at my children especially Hakeem who at last got his sparring partner - Nazri’s son. Hakeem was really showing off his true colour of himself – anak jantan. He was jumping n playing fighting with no limits.

Insyaalah we have another two more days for fasting. And all of us are looking forward for the next event!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Balik Kampung

This morning I got called from my tailor that my baju kurung raya is ready. I was so excited n when to collect it immediately. The sad part was the tailor forgot to bring Nadira’s baju kurung which she left it back home. The reason was Nadira’s one stated in the different bill no from mine. I can’t wait anymore for her to bring it tonight as we were planning to go back to Malacca. Sorry Deea.

In the afternoon after fetched Faizah, Nabila n Hakeem from school, we went to fetch Nadira at Genting. The road was terribly jammed. It’s 4.00pm n I think the office hour still not finished but it looked like those people were rushing to go back home. We reached up there around 5pm. I was actually decided to go to Jalan TAR but because of the heavy traffic we just went to Alpha Angle, Wangsa Maju.

We wanted to eat pizza for Iftar. We reached there around 6.00pm n straight away went to Shakey’s Pizza for booking. Unfortunately it was fully booked. We looked around for other alternative but all the restaurants around there including the food court were fully booked as well! We then just wandered around the Mall looking for baju kurung for my two elder daughters. Nothing seems nice that they like.

When it’s time for Iftar, we had a light snack at the Starbuck. At 8.00pm eagerly we marched to the Shakey’s Pizza. By this time definitely everybody has finished with the Iftar. Again we disappointed as the restaurant closed (I don’t know for what reason) n will be opened back at 8.30pm. We looked around n all other restaurants did that as well.

Frustrated, we just went off n decided to just stop anywhere along the way back home. Along the journey n while reaching Ampang we then decided to make a turn n had our dinner at Road House Grill. I had not been there for sooo long.. I guessed the last time was 15 years back. The place, the ambient n the food is still the same.

Everybody were like so excited n ordered each one a big plate of steak. Lepas tu semua tersadai kekenyangan. We then happily drove back home to Malacca n reached there around 11.30pm. I was sleeping thru out the journey mcm ular. Sorry hubby that u had to drive alone without hearing my babbling.

Now we are at Malacca n kids were so happy n excited. Hakeem who had just learned BM in his school was happily singing ‘Balik Kampung’ song in his version. So cute..

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Iftar Get Together

As usual I’ve been busy when hubby is home. I will always on the go, it’s fasting month n everyday I cook special meal for the family. On the first day of his Iftar we invited friend n cousins. It has been quite sometime that I didn’t have crowds at home. It was Saturday n everybody stayed up late chit chatting.

Last night we had Oja’s family having Iftar at our home. Glad to see her n Rohimi. Kids were really enjoying themselves. Thanks to Oja who bought bunga api for my kids. Hakeem was extremely excited. We told him that we’ll save that bunga api to play at Malacca or Alor Setar. Hakeem n Nabila never ever in their life seen n play it before.

They were so eager n kept nagging their dad to let them play. Finally my hubby took them out to play. Memang sakai.. They were screaming excitedly n Hakeem was curious why his bunga api didn’t have a sound like he used to hear every night around my house. And now he asked my hubby to buy the one which has sound!

Later at night Pidin, Uci, Udik n Laila came over. They were supposed to join us for Iftar but because of some matters they came late. When I saw them it reminded me a lot of their parent’s n all the moments spent with them. It started with the small group of us – my family, Haji n arwah. Always stick together doing lots activities, outing n makan-makan. The group then became bigger with more Malaysian joined us.

I was so pleased to see that all Arwah’s children are doing fine now. The last two years their mom was having stroke during Raya. Last year their dad passed away during Raya too n this year their mom passed away before Ramadhan. Maybe this year of Raya will not be cherish as both of their parents were not around but I hope that they will still enjoy it among themselves n other relatives.

I wish that Allah will always guide n give them strength n happiness in their life.

Monday, 22 September 2008

The 'Cheeky' Hakeem

Lately Hakeem has been proudly babbling about his ‘girlfriend’ at school. One day after came back from school….

Hakeem: Mommy.. I got a girlfriend at school.

Me: Oh.. really?

Hakeem: Yes, I call my girlfriend sweetie.

Me: (I was laughing out loud) Wow.. u called your gf sweetie? What’s her name?

Hakeem: Her name is Natalie. My girlfriend asked me to get married n I want to get married with her.

Me: Hakeem! Who teach u all this? He then just ran away.

Today at school…..

Hakeem: Hi sweetie (he said that to Natalie)
I was actually quite a distance n couldn’t hear what Natalie was saying. Hakeem was running around playing in front of Natalie n suddenly he shouted...

Hakeem: Hey.. sweetie.. I am home..
Tonight before Hakeem went to bed

Hakeem: Mommy.. I have lots of girlfriends n I am going to shoot all of them n turn them into robots. (with the actions)
Now he is already fast asleep n I hope he will have a sweet dreams about his beautiful robots. That’s my 5 years old boy! Just wonder where he got all the ideas.. :)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

The 'Day'

Everybody was like waiting for the big day of 16th Sept. Sorry… nothing happened, no changed or big thing occurred. As for me, nothing major happened except Nabila started her first taekwando class at her school.

Whereas on the 17th as expected, the ‘big thing’ didn’t happened too. As for me, it’s a great day coz I went to the Nose warehouse sale. I forgot that it was Nuzul Quran holiday for Selangor. The place was packed n jammed with people. Since I was there n didn’t want to miss a thing n still didn’t gave up though had to queue, I too joined the line.

After 5 minutes waited, the guard finally let me n others in. Well.. the rest u can imagine. Cheap handbags from as low as RM2 n all high heels for RM10. I just went crazy. I ended up bought 4 handbags n 3 shoes. Not all for me but some for my daughters. I was exhausted when I reached home.

And today, my youngest brother, Boy came for a visit. He had a meeting at Putrajaya. I cooked special nasi briyani for him for Iftar. The kids were so happy to see their uncle. I am also so happy n overwhelming today to receive good news from my father.

Forget about all any expected or promising dates. If things happen, it will happen right? One thing sure that the important event will happen is tomorrow – 19th Sept.

No…No.. No.. Pak lah won’t step down yet n DSAI still has to wait for his queue. It’s just that my hubby :). He promised to come back home tomorrow n I know he will. I pray that he will have a safe journey.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Apple of My Eye

Of late I’ve been thinking a lot about my father. How I miss him so much especially during Ramadhan. When I think about him, certainly my late mom will come into view as well. It has been six years that I lost her.

Though I am back here to Malaysia for almost 7 months, we hardly had a chance to meet each other. I only went back to Kedah once n he came to visit me thrice. But we always make a point to call each other frequently. It seems that both of us understood n accepted the arrangement quietly.

Sometimes how I wish that I could turn back the clock. How wish that my mom would still be around and things still unchanged. But these are all God’s plan n arrangement. Things happened for reasons. We Islam have to believe in fate – Qada & Qadar.

I’ve learned to accept all the situations that come to me with open heart. I am willing to do anything for my father as long he is happy. Even so sometimes it hurts inside me but I don’t mind doing it. I know that deep inside him too crying n yearning for things to get better. But I guess both of us just have to put up with it. Let things flow as it is. Better stop crying over spilt milk.

The day that he called me before I performed Umrah, revealed what’s inside him. My father was always so reluctant to let his feelings out from him. I cried after put down the phone. I really miss my old man. And this morning he made me cried again.

It’s not what he said that hurt or annoyed me but the conversation we had that break me down. I am truly understood what he’s been thru. My father is not young anymore. I just hope that he will enjoy his last moments of his life with joyous n happiness.

One thing for sure, his loves towards me has never changed. I love my father very much n I wish that I could be with him right now.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Lemang, The Favourite

has always been a favourite for Nabila n Hakeem. Everytime when I send Nadira back home to her boarding n on the way back down from Genting, there are many stalls selling lemang. They will always ask me to stop n buy. The called the lemang – sticky rice.

Today it was heavy rain when I sent Nadira back. The rains were non-stop pouring till I reached home. Hakeem n Nabila were grumbling hungry. Maybe they just wanted to find reason for me to stop n buy lemang. Normally I will buy one big lemang for them to share.

You would be surprise that these two little kids wouldn’t want to eat only the lemang as it is compulsary to be with rendang. Macam org-org tua makan. They will normally finish the whole big size of lemang by themselves. And they will eat the lemang immediately in the car.

I had tried a few stalls there but the stall no 3 is the best. The lemang is soft n the rendang is tasteful. So everytime when we have a trip to their sister’s boarding, it’s a must for me to buy lemang.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Great Iftar

Iftar today has been the great one. I have my daughters, Faizah n Nadira to join me. I cooked for them special dishes – ayam masak lemak cili api, ikan goreng n mix vege.

In the afternoon I fetched Faizah n later in the evening Nadira. Then we went to Pasar Ramadhan. Both of them were very excited as they never been to any of it. Whatever they see, they wanted to buy. I had to warn them including me as we had food at home that I cooked.

At the end we bought lots kind of food full in our hands. Kuetiaw goreng, laksa utara, murtabak, yong taufu, pulut udang, otak-otak, putu bambu, kuih raja, caramel pudding n chrysanthemum tea for drink. At first I thought that we could never finished it, but surprisingly semua licin. All the food that we bought tasted good especially laksa. I never like laksa but this laksa from Jitra was super delicious. Kira cukup rasa ahhmasam, masin n bnyk ikan!

As for sahur, we had a full table of the food that I cooked. Makan sungguh!

It’s a great day for me as I have them to accompany me. Tomorrow they will be going back to their boarding n leave me here alone again, but I enjoyed the moments that I had with them.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Star Of The Week

Nabila has been chosen to be STAR OF THE WEEK in her class. She has been awarded with a certificate during the ceremony at the school this afternoon. Unfortunately it’s not for parents. She told me, the principal called up her name n she went up on stage to receive the award.

This is a weekly program for the school. Every week, one student from each class will be chosen for this award. I am very proud of my daughter, Nabila. This is her 9th day in school n this is the first week ceremony n she is the first one to be chosen in her class.

When I fetched her this afternoon, her teacher told me about this. Well done Nabila. Mommy is so proud of u.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

My Hero

This morning I was a bit rushing preparing kids for school. Anyway we managed to be at the school on time. This morning Hakeem was a bit cranky. Once arrived at the school, I let Hakeem n Nabila played around at the playground in front of their class while I was meeting their teacher.

They were playing the swings. I heard Hakeem cried asking his sister to push the swing for him which at the same time her sister wanted to play too. Nabila tried to teach him how to push himself to make the swing moves. When he couldn’t do it, he started whining.

I was at the distance watching both of them. Later on the teacher blew the whistle n called all of them to their respective class. Hakeem at that time immediately jumped n hugged Nabila. He kept hugging Nabila n didn’t want to let her go. The teacher came to them n tried to talk out. But Hakeem acted like a baby kept whining hugging, kissing his sister.

At that point, I had to go n interfere. I pulled Hakeem slowly n carried him with me. He was whining n crying (without tears in his eyes). His class teacher came n calmed him then took him to the class. Huh.. memang mengada-ngada anak jantan I pagi ni. This is why my elder daughters always complaint – I spoilt him too much!

This afternoon when I fetched him, he was very happy n cheerful. He was wearing a plastic glasses that he got from the party pack. He said he looked like Granpa. They had a birthday party in the class. The teacher told me that he was fine n smiling the moment he took him to the class this morning. I know very well that he’ll be fine. Maybe he needs more attention from his sister which I think he had more than enough. They spend their whole time together, so attach n close.

That’s my only boy – Hakeem. Sometimes he can be so confident, rough n tough. At the other time he can be so soft n sensitive. But most of all, he’s the proud of the family. The youngest, the last n the only boy. My hero.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Mr Plumber vs Pasar Ramadhan

I was really pissed off with the sink at my kitchen. This is the 4th time happened. The first when I moved in, the sink has started giving me problems. First the water started leaking under my sink due to the sluggish drain. I called the landlady n she sent the plumber for repaired.

Somehow I didn’t know what this plumber had been doing as the drain started again. The second time, the drain was quite bad n the water leaked n overflowed the floor in the kitchen. It was so messy. The plumber came n repaired. Then it happened again for the 3rd time n that time I was bit nosy n kept complained the way he has been doing his job.

I even told him that I might not know much about this plumbing thing but by commonsense any of layman people like me knows that what he’s been doing was not right. All this while he was using the soft plastic pipe (like a washing machine hose) n of course it couldn’t support the heavy water flow thru it. Later on he changed to a normal pvc pipeline.

And 2 days ago, it happened again. I tried using plunger n poured hot boiling water but it still didn’t work. I called him yesterday n he promised to come today. I waited n called him again in the afternoon n he said that he couldn’t make it n will come tomorrow morning. @#$&#@#

I have stopped using the sink since yesterday. Tonight when I used the washing machine, my sink was full with water. I don’t know where it came from but I suspected it was from the washing machine as maybe they share the same hosepipe.

So now I just have to minimize my activity in the kitchen. After fetching kids from school, I took them for lunch n did some groceries. Later on I stopped at Pasar Ramadhan (excited sungguh membeli-belah) to buy food for my Iftar. God knows how enthusiastic I was marching from one stall to another. I can’t belive myself that I bought lots of food mcm ada 3-4 org dalam rumah.

I bought nasi kerabu, murtabak, sata, roti john, sate n mi sup (for kids). Oops.. n also chocolate moist cake from Secret Receipe. The food was good except the murtabak which was so tasteless. Frust sungguh.

I am not sure whether I could finish all that but I will try. (nafsu.. nafsu..). While I was there, I heard a couple walking beside grumbled over something – the wife said “Yang beli bnyk2 ni nanti habis ke makan, tak habis jaga” the husband replied “ Habis yang.. abang kalau benda yg abang suka sure habis abg makan” Hmm… ingat pompuan je yg nak beli mcm2.. rupanya lelaki juga!

Anyway beside the absence Mr Plumber who annoyed me today, I enjoyed my Iftar for the first time with the food that I bought from Pasar Ramadhan.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

A Trip to Pasar Ramadhan

Today has been the sixth day of our fasting month. How time flies. I was occupied with my daily chores n rushing here n there to settle some matters. Normally after Iftar, I will still continue my pending tasks which at the end I got tired n retired early.

Yesterday n today, I got visitors coming to my house. The guest was my niece. She came with her hubby n kids. So the kids are my grandchildren. Huh.. sounds old ahh.. They call me Nanny instead of Nenek, Atok or Wan (nampak ah modern n muda sikit!). This niece is actually my cousin’s daughter. So that’s how I became a grandmother as it goes by the hierarchy of the family tree.

Today after finished cooking, I brought all of them to the big n infamous Pasar Ramadhan at Stadium Shah Alam. I, who has been looking forward to come here was very excited indeed. I was so thrilled to see lots of different kind of kuih, drinks n foods.

I ended up buying lots of kuih but regret that I couldn’t buy murtabak as the que was so long that I couldn’t wait anymore. Anyway I will surely make a point to go there again.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Thank You

First n foremost I would like to express my gratitude to Allah S.W.T for giving me a good health n long life that I will be able to see the world n as who I am now for 39 years old. Syukur Alhamdullilah.

Exactly 12midnight last night I got a birthday wish from my hubby. It then followed by my cousins’. And this morning till evening I am still receiving wishes from brothers, relative n friends, and also wishes from all of my children.

Thank you so much. Though we are at a distance but I am so touched n pleased that I am still be remembered by all of u on this special day. Thank you again.

Today my dearest cousin, Dhaniah came over to have Iftar with me. Surprisingly she got me flowers n cake. It’s so lovely. Unfortunately the cake she bought couldn’t be eaten coz it tasted awful. Not because of the flavour but because it’s already rotten n smelt stink. Nabila n Hakeem who were at first excited to eat the cake got frustrated with it.

Takde rezeki kami. Anyway the thoughtful that counts. I am thankful that she came all the way from Putrajaya just to be with me.

I hope that I will always be loved by all these special people who are always close to my heart. I pray that my years ahead will be filled by happiness, prosperity, love, long life, good health n fully blessed by Allah S.W.T.

One year older doesn’t mean that u are getting old but u are actually a year beautifully matured.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back To School

Today after a month break, Nabila n Hakeem start their new term at their new school. The person who is most excited was Hakeem. He is really looking forward to go to this school. This term/year at this school he is able to have a uniform. Something that he’s been longing for.

Nabila always showed off n brag of having the privilege wearing the uniform. She always said to her brother that only big girl n boy wear uniform. So today Hakeem had proudly wearing his first school uniform with a proper school shoes.

Today’s programme was the orientation n welcoming children n parents to the school. We were being introduced to the teacher n staffs members. Parents were being able to see n mingle around in their children’s class. As for Hakeem n Nabila, they were doing great.

The final programme of the day was the balloon released. Each of the students has to draw n write their name on the card n then stick it to the balloon. Later on they released the balloon to mark the end of the orientation day. The program ended at 12.15pm.

Both of my children were so happy n excited. Now they are back to their routine time of sleep. They are looking forward for tomorrow as it will be a proper school day for them.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan has always been the month that every Muslim in the world waiting for. It is a pleasure for me to finally have a chance to celebrate this year ramadhan in Malaysia. This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for. Every time when ramadhan comes, the memories n incidents occurred during this month will flashed back in our mind.

Everybody has their own memories of ramadhan from childhood, zaman2 bujang till we got married n have family. As for me, those memories are still fresh on my mind. When I was abroad, I was so excited n eager to celebrate ramadhan here. One of the reasons is because of the pasar ramadhan which selling various kinds of temptation foods that u cannot find elsewhere abroad. Another reason is because I can have my Iftar with my parent n relatives.

Nevertheless sometimes things that we wanted doesn’t always come in ‘package’. I can anytime go to Pasar Ramadhan, enjoying myself with the foods, but I am alone here. So the temptation n excitement won’t be the same if I have my hubby n children around. I would love to go back to my parent’s house n have my mom cook all the requested n special dishes for me, but she is not there anymore to do all that for me.

Even so I am sad when think about it, but I am glad n blessed that I can still be able to have my Ramadhan here.

To all my friends staying abroad, Selamat Berpuasa. I am sure you all now have started busy planning kuih muih, lauk pauk n also the schedule for rumah mana nak Iftar. This year I ‘cuci tangan’ takyah susah payah buat kuih. Beli je kalau teringin. But I know the thrill won’t be the same.

I wish everybody a blessed Ramadhan. May Allah S.W.T. bless all of you.