Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Yesterday I met my friend. My best friend that I knew since I was 18 years old. Gosh.. there were lots of things to catch up. The last time I met her was about few months back. I don’t have many ‘best’ friends left in my list. It’s either I’ve been deleted by them or the other way round.. hihihihihi..

It’s not that we have fight or fallen apart but it’s just probably once we move on.. life changes .. new circle.. new surroundings.. The friends that used to be in touch just got distance day by day. Frankly I am not a good person to always in contact with friends. I don’t go to any reunions. I don’t have FB yet and sometimes I don’t remember my friends’ name anymore – especially zaman sekolah2.

I might probably recognize them once see their face but couldn't remember the name. Huh.. that’s the awful part of me!! Sometimes I feel regret and ashamed not to remember their names but they know and remember me!

I treasure friendship so much. I adore all my friends. I still have a “few” schoolmate friends who I still contact. Also a few friends during masa kerja dolu2.. Then also people that I started knowing when I followed hubby working from one place to others.

I don’t have many friends.. but I am fine with that! I think it’s better if I have only a few friends – quality friends rather than to have many friends that only be my friends when they only need me!

Hmm… I might sound so pathetic but that’s the truth. I’ve been backstabbed so many times by friends, cheated by friends, used by friends and I guess that is why now I am quite selective in choosing friends. Sounds like good good.. tapi lebih baik beringat sebelum kena.. hihihihihi..

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.”

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Happy 16th Birthday - Nadira

To my lovely daughter - Nadira

Have a very happy birthday

Today you may well have grown up

But in my heart you’ll always be my little girl

I might sometimes be over protective

Telling you not to do this and that

All I do and did is just to ensure

That you will not be hurt

I sometimes screamed and yelled at you

I sometimes ignored and neglected you

We sometimes had our little fight

We sometimes not talking to each other

But trust me my daughter

My love towards you never got less even a bit

Happy birthday Nadira. Mommy always pray that you will success in your life and future undertakings.

Nabila's 8th Birthday Party

As planned, today is Nabila’s birthday party. It was held at the Jungle Gym, BSC. The party started at 10.30am. Many of her friends turned up.

The party started with the cake cutting and eating snacks. There were 33 kids and I could see that they really had a good time. After that we had a magic show.

This was everybody’s favorite and it was quite entertaining. The children loved it. The party ended at 12.30 noon but there were still a few who stayed to continue playing at the play area.

Nabila, the birthday girl today was very excited and happy. Sadly her dad and sisters wouldn’t be able to join the party.

Nabila got lots of presents. Thank you so much to all who came. You made Nabila’s party more colorful and Nabila really had a great time today.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Bon Voyage

Today my four girls will be going to Korea for their holiday. At first it was just Faizah as she already bought the ticket months before. She planned to go with her friend. A week ago we decided to let her sisters to tag along too.

They will be in Seoul for a week. Huh… jeles mommy!! All of them were very excited since back few days. Last night they packed up their things and just couldn’t sleep to wait for the morning. After breakfast I send them to LCCT airport.

Their flight was at 13:55pm. I left them at the airport and then headed to KLIA to send hubby back to Oman. Hubby’s flight was suppose to be at 14:40 but delayed to 16:45.

I pray that my girls have a safe journey and arrive safely. This is their first time on holiday without us around. Well.. this is a first test for them.. If they pass and everything goes smooth… maybe we can arrange again like this.

Girls.. please do take care of yourself there and remember all the DOs and DONTs that mommy and ayah rules out to all of you. I bet all of you will enjoy your time there and don’t forget to buy me and adik2 something!!!!

As for my dearest hubby.. I will see you again in a week time.. J

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Makan Besar...

Today all my children are here. Faizah, Nurul and Iman come back for their holiday. Meriah sungguh rumah.. Tonight also we have our ‘makan besar’.

Nazri my brother in-law came with his wife to treat us dinner.. Huh.. bukan senang ni nak makan belanja dia.. hehhehehehe.. My brother Amil was invited too.

We went to Restoran Tasik Shah Alam. The food was good and all licin habis…

Thanks Nazri and next time belanja lagi k… J

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Selamat Pengantin Baru - Nadmin

Today is the kenduri at our side. All of us woke up as early in the morning. We all dressed up beautifully in RED! The pelamin and khemah were all being set up since last night. We started with marhabban in the morning.

Guests started coming as early as 12pm. Our concept of kenduri besides the norm nasi minyak, we had stalls providing ais kacang, teh tarik, cucur udang, char kuetiaw and roasted lamb. The cucur udang and the tarik are the one best in town.

The moment stalls opened people started queuing up. Huh.. mcm pasar ramadhan ah pulak!! My bro, Amil was in charge for char kuetiaw stall. The tukang goreng was non-stop preparing char kuetiaw and I guessed he stood up there for more than two hours. Even after kenduri people requested for some more char kuetiaw and he himself had to prepare it.

The pengantin arrived as scheduled. Nabila and Lyana were the flower girls and all the boys held the bunga manggar escorting the pengantin. All of them looked so gorgeous.

There were many guests came even relatives and friends from KL and Johor. My mother in-law too came down from Malacca to attend the kenduri. We also pulled the crowd when my cousin came with a few friends by big bike. Vroom vroom ah jap…

All I could say that this kenduri was a success. Though we were so tired but everybody is happy. All of us in the family are relieve that finally Boy got married. I am too very happy that he finally settled down and at the same time sad. I am sad that my mom is not around to be with us.

Anyway.. my dear brother.. Selamat Pengantin Baru. May you love and hold each other in the worst of times with trust, faith and belief. Wishing you the best of life today and in the days to come.