Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hannah Sleep Over

Yesterday one of Nabila’s best friends, Hannah came to sleep over at home. Nabila was happy to have her friend around except Hakeem. Hakeem felt left out and he whined, complained that Nabila ignored her and they didn’t want to play with him.

I asked Hakeem to join his sister but after a while he came to me dgn report yang berjela…He said kakak only talked and paid attention to Hannah but not to him. He think that kakak don’t love her anymore. He said that Nabila never care about him. Alahai anak lelaki ku sorang ni…. Emo lah pulak…

At night I brought them out for dinner – sushi. Went back home and they continued playing until tired. In the morning after breakfast we had a cooking session. The kids baked brownies cupcakes. They enjoyed it and all of them eat so much. In the afternoon I brought them to Pizza Hut for lunch.

Later in the evening Hannah went home. Hakeem has his kakak back… Poor Hakeem.. when his boys cousins were around, he played and didn’t remember his kakak at all. Now when it’s Nabila’s turn, he just couldn’t handle it. The next time I have to make sure Hakeem has his friend around too.

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