Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Wedding Ceremony - Bride's Side

Today is the ceremony at the bride’s side. My bro’s wife – Marina. We were supposed to depart from home at 1.00pm but were delayed due to the mak andam yg tak siap2 make-up the pengantin. Gosh.. all of us were boiling hot and so hungry. My dad dah mula nak naik hangin!!

All of us at first were calmed posed here and there taking pictures at the end were quite tensed because of the delayed. So tunggu je lah…

We finally arrived at the bride’s house around 2.30pm. After the renjis merenjis session, all of us headed to the dining table. Memang sumer lapar giler!! The theme at the bride’s house was purple. My bro and his wife looked so beautiful in the purple costumes.

We gave seven dulang hantaran (ehem.. all was ‘kerastangan’ by me) to the bride. All of us in the yellow color and I could say that everybody were so sporting and looked stunning. Frankly I was looking forward for this big day.

We had been planned and did the preparations months before. It was such relieves when the day comes, it happened as expected. Tomorrow is the ceremony at our side and hopefully everything goes well. No rains I hope..


Rina NAR said...

kak intan i just looooooooove ur outfit! u look gorges!

Vogue Mom said...

Tq Rina.. Ramai gak yg memuji hari tu ckp cantik baju I... (Perasan ah jap..) Hahahahhaa.