Saturday, 27 November 2010

Nabila's 8th Birthday Party

As planned, today is Nabila’s birthday party. It was held at the Jungle Gym, BSC. The party started at 10.30am. Many of her friends turned up.

The party started with the cake cutting and eating snacks. There were 33 kids and I could see that they really had a good time. After that we had a magic show.

This was everybody’s favorite and it was quite entertaining. The children loved it. The party ended at 12.30 noon but there were still a few who stayed to continue playing at the play area.

Nabila, the birthday girl today was very excited and happy. Sadly her dad and sisters wouldn’t be able to join the party.

Nabila got lots of presents. Thank you so much to all who came. You made Nabila’s party more colorful and Nabila really had a great time today.

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