Friday, 26 November 2010

Bon Voyage

Today my four girls will be going to Korea for their holiday. At first it was just Faizah as she already bought the ticket months before. She planned to go with her friend. A week ago we decided to let her sisters to tag along too.

They will be in Seoul for a week. Huh… jeles mommy!! All of them were very excited since back few days. Last night they packed up their things and just couldn’t sleep to wait for the morning. After breakfast I send them to LCCT airport.

Their flight was at 13:55pm. I left them at the airport and then headed to KLIA to send hubby back to Oman. Hubby’s flight was suppose to be at 14:40 but delayed to 16:45.

I pray that my girls have a safe journey and arrive safely. This is their first time on holiday without us around. Well.. this is a first test for them.. If they pass and everything goes smooth… maybe we can arrange again like this.

Girls.. please do take care of yourself there and remember all the DOs and DONTs that mommy and ayah rules out to all of you. I bet all of you will enjoy your time there and don’t forget to buy me and adik2 something!!!!

As for my dearest hubby.. I will see you again in a week time.. J

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