Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Only in Egypt

You can only find these in Egypt...

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Finally I have found a time to be with my laptop. And finally my fotopages has been updated. After it has been so long frozen there.

Today also finally I have managed to prepare all the costumes for my little daughter, Nabila. Here in Muscat is busy with party here n party there for the kids. They like go crazy over this Halloween n fancy dress party.

She has a fancy dress party at school n two fancy dress birthday party to attend this weekend. She is very excited n looking forward to it. Not to forget Hakeem as well.. since he saw his sister has all the fancy dresses, I have to get for him one!

And last but not least finally I’ve found my novel that I’ve misplaced since last night…

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Siti Nurhaliza - Pantene Advert

For those who have not yet seen the latest Pantene Advertisement by Siti Nurhaliza especially who are staying abroad here it is..

The story goes like this...

Siti berjogging di tepian pantai. Berlari bersenam untuk mengurangkan lemak-lemak yg berlebihan. And of course her hair will looked in a mess due to the fact that she really go for a run.

When she got back home, she got very upset (u can see by her face) that her hair got split ends. But no prob.. Pantene kan ada.. scene cuci2 rambut ni kena sensored lah! Later on she got her hair done nicely.

Do I look pretty? I mean my hair? Oops.. she just realize that she's late now.. Nak kena balik rumah masak ahh.. nanti Dato K mengamuk.. Maka berlari keluarlah Siti.. ala- ala cinderella

She run n run.. tapi tetap dgn gaya vogue.. oops.. sambil mengangkat kain yg labuh.. susah nak lari takut tersangkut pulak.. Maka nampak ah.. betis Siti.. yg gebu tu..

Cepat-cepat gi dapur masak lauk tempoyak kegemaran suami tercinta. Tu ah Dato K dah balik...

The END.

p/s: Nowadays Siti kalau buat iklan or show mesti nak selit Dato K gak... macam pakej Ina Naim pulak. Buy one free one..

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Automatic Car Wash

It seems a very long time that I’ve not send my car for cleaning at Car Wash Centre. We normally have people come every evening to wash the car. But he will only clean the body of the car. The inside of my car now look so dirty full with sands (from Wahiba Sand) n small little items that I don’t like to see.

So today I’ve decided to send it for cleaning at the Automatic Car Wash. This is a favourite place for my two little kids, Nabila n Hakeem. They were very excited when I told them that we’re going there.

The moment the car went inside, they were screaming excitedly. Hugging n holding hands each other. I still remember when they were still very small they were terrified n scared to see all this. Now they are grown up n smart. They really enjoy the show.

Later I treated them Mc Donald while waiting for the car to get vacuumed.

Blood is Thicker Than Water

I feel deeply hurt. I received an email that disturbed me the whole day. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’ve known him thru out my life. We grow up together n know each other very well. Since we were young we always have different opinions n views. But as we grow older we seem to understand each other better. Maybe it is because each of us has our own life to take care of.

I find that it is always difficult to communicate with him. We always have a different rhythm n tempo. But at the end we still manage to put it up right even though we have to go thru a few stages.

Recently something had happened that involved both of us. Well maybe he will say that I’m the one who initiated all this. I admitted that. But.. I have a strong base why it all happened. He knew it n everybody knows it. Just put aside who is wrong n who is right.

What I need is at least a little bit of understanding. Understanding the fact that what I am done here is not to hurt or make other people suffer. Why do I want to do such thing? Why do I have to hurt somebody that I love so much? That will be the last thing that I want to do.

I am not trying to find enemy or hate people for no reasons. I am still rational n reasonable. I am not that bad that I will always trying to find faults from others. Don’t I have a better life to do than all of these?

Please don’t just play ignorance as u yourself didn’t care about this at all. You care about it and I care about it too. It’s just that we have a different ways to show it. I didn’t ask u to go along with me but don’t judge me wrongly.

Maybe I better stop being tooooo concern to other people that I care so much. It makes u feel good if you are being nice to others but when they tend to hurt n not understanding u, that’s the part that will make u breakdown.

Maybe he doesn’t know me well enough. Take n appreciate me as who I am. As my mom used to say.. Quran buruk tak bermakna kita boleh buang dan mempersiakannya. Seburuk mana pun kita mesti jaga dan hormat padanya.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Abu Dhabi - 25th October

Perempuan Melayu Terakhir & Jejaka Idaman
Happy Kids , Paris Hilton - Nicole Richie

We left the Abu Dhabi Airport about 12.15am. We decided to settle down at Abu Dhabi that night. All of us, Zul, Haji, Zahrul n Rohimi never actually been to Abu Dhabi before. Since Zahrul has stayed in Dubai, he had been selected to lead us the way to the city centre to find the hotels. Ni kira macam orang buta lead anak-anak jalan lah.. With the helpful signboard n walkie-talkie (thanks to that super useful device) we finally managed to be at the city centre which at that time was around 1.30am.

We found the first hotel apartment n stopped by to ask for the rooms. Unfortunately there were no rooms. We went to the next one, still no rooms available. The third hotel.. yes they have, one room with the rate 2,900dirham. Nobody dare to take it…

We moved on again.. n again… until finally the man decided turning back to Al-Ain. But wait.. when they called the hotel that we previously booked it was not available anymore. We had been informed that all the hotels in Abu Dhabi were full because of they were having some sort of exhibition. But don’t tell me all the hotels were fully booked???

We went again which I think maybe the 8th hotel, and it was also no rooms available. Then we decided to split four of us for the hotels hunting. Whoever got the hotel first, just go ahead to settle down. Haji sticked with us, Zahrul n Rohimi went on their own way.

After the 12th hotel that we went, we finally settle at the 3-star hotels which cost us 1044dirham. We were so tired at the time n with my hands cramped of holding my kids, I said to my hubby just go for it. That was around 3.00 am at that time. Rohimi who gave up n wanted to drive down to Dubai, finally found the hotel along the way for 1200dirham. Zahrul after went to the 15th hotel gave up finally settled down sleeping in the car.

Since we were already at Abu Dhabi, the next morning all of us went for the city tour. We drived along the corniche took photos n finally stopped over at the Marina Mall. All the moms were screaming when they saw the IKEA. Just imagine how isolated our life is at Oman… We missed our big huge mall at Malaysia n all the hi-tech gadgets..

We spent three hours there n drived back to Oman at 3pm. The journey was smooth n we stopped by at Sohar at 9.00pm for our dinner. I safely arrived home at 12.10am, followed by Zahrul n Haji later at 12.45am (they stopped by for a short nap).

Even though the journey was tiring n rushing we never complaint because it was all unexpectedly. Sometimes there are things happened as we planned n wished but sometimes there are also things happened unexpectedly n surprisingly. This is what we called fate – takdir, Qada’ dan Qadar. May Allah bless all of us..

Al Ain - 24th October 2007

All the Malaysian friends from Oman - at the airport.

As planned we departed from Oman at 4.00am. We arrived at Al-Ain, specifically at Prof’s house around 10.30am. I broke down n burst out when I saw kakak.. looking at her face couldn’t made my tears stopped. We cried n hugged each other. She is a very strong person. And I always pray to Allah that she’ll be stronger to face n live the life later on.

After almost 10 hours processing of documents n paperwork which involved police, authority, university n embassy Allahyarham Professor Iskandar selamat dimandikan jenazahnya dan disembahyang selepas maghrib. Another two families from Oman also arrived at that time.

We departed from the house to the Abu Dhabi airport at 8.00 pm and arrived at 10.00pm. There are four cars from Oman, one car from Dubai n the rest are from University Abu Dhabi people escorting Arwah in the ambulance.

At the airport, all the arrangement had been made by the university. They checked in the luggage n tickets n we had about one hour to chat around with the family. There were many people from University Abu Dhabi including the Vice Chancellor who also pay a visit to the family. They were there from the beginning arranging everything from Al-Ain till the end. Prof was such a good person that it will be very difficult for people to just ignore him. They have done a good job.

This is also not to forget all the efforts that had been made by the UAE Malaysian leader – Encik Hasnol who had helped to arrange all the documentations. The family finally got into the waiting hall at 12.00 am. We bid them farewell with prayers that they will have a safe journey to Malaysia n Allahyarham will be laid in rest peacefully.

Marilah kita semua berdoa semoga Allahyarham Professor Iskandar ditempatkan dalam golongan orang-orang beriman. Alfatihah untuk beliau…

p/s : Allahyarham selamat dikebumikan pada 25Oct, 5pm.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Our dearest friend - Professor Iskandar

During our trip to Al-Buraimi. Prof with Udik, Laila n Pidin

Our dearest friend, Professor Dr Iskandar Abdullah has passed away at 3.30pm UAE time today. He had been sick for the last 2 months since he moved to Al-Ain. The last time we visited him was during ramadhan. I still remember during our summer holiday back in Malaysia, he n his family visited us at Melaka. He came by to have lunch.

I could still here his voice saying that he couldn’t stay longer in Malaysia n going to my hometown, Kedah because he has to go back to Al-Ain. He kept saying that he will straight going back to Al-Ain n will never coming back to Oman. And he really meant that. He did.. he will never be coming here to Oman again.

I feel terribly sad that he left us. Allah lebih menyanyangi beliau. Tonight all our friends gather around performed yasin for Professor Iskandar. Semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dalam golongan orang-orang beriman. Al-Fatihah..

I have known Prof as an intellectual n intelligent person. I highly respect him as who he was. He used to tell us all the funny stories n experienced about the VIPs person that he met. He was the one who taught me all the ethic’s protocols. Professor was also the first muslim converted that I’ve came across who really practised n very knowledgeable in Islam. I really respect him for that.

He left his beloved wife Professor Dr Jamaliah who is now having stroke n still recovery. He had four sons n a daughter. The eldest, Edrin is a doctor at Ireland, Safiedin, Suffian, Salman n Laila. May Allah give them strength especially kakak to go thru all this.

Now is 1.30am Oman time. We will be going to Al-Ain at 4.00am to visit the family. I had just finished preparing foods n things for the visit. It’s about five hour’s journey n plan to reach there around 9.30am.
Here is some profile about Professor Dr Iskandar Abdullah.

Dr. Iskandar Abdullah, new Associate Professor of Marketing and Al Ain Campus Coordinator for the College of Business Administration, is a PhD holder
from the leading Smurfit Graduate School of Business in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Iskandar also holds a MBA from Central Michigan University in USA. He was awarded the high scholastic achievement award in business administration in Michigan, USA. Prior to joining ADU, Dr. Iskandar was a professor of marketing and director of graduate studies at the College of Business & Science in the Sultanate of Oman. Furthermore, he has served as a faculty member at Univerisiti Putra in Malaysia and Graduate School of Business, University College, Dublin Ireland. He is the author of over twenty published works, including books, chapters, and journal articles in addition to technical reports for the Ministry of Education of the government of Malaysia. Having earned his MBA at Central Michigan University, USA, Dr. Iskandar researched advertising, branding services marketing, media and audience studies, international marketing and consumer behaviour.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Play Golf in Afghanistan

Want to play golf in Afghanistan? Dare to try?

KABUL –– Mohammad Afzal Abdul says he has been jailed twice for playing golf: once in the early 1980s after the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and then again by the hardline Taliban government more than 10 years later.

Both times he was accused of being a spy because he mixed with foreigners at the Kabul Golf Club, which sits under the steep wall of the Qargar Dam and looks down a gently sloping valley towards the capital.

Abdul, now the pro at Afghanistan's only golf club, doesn't rule out his hobby landing him in jail again.

The extremist Taliban, who banned all sport including even kite-flying, were removed from government in 2001. But now, as an insurgent movement, they often accuse any Afghan who associates with foreigners of spying -- and have killed several.

"Even right now, I feel some danger," Abdul says in a dusty room, surrounded by donated clubs for hire and caps and t-shirts embroidered with the club logo for sale. "But I won't leave," he says.

"This is a place for fun and people need it. People always need to have a good time, even during war."

Outside Abdul's office, three of his young students dressed in baggy shalwar kamiz tee off from a plastic golf mat and hit practice shots into parched bush.

One of them is 12-year-old Qadir Sarwari. His ambitions? "First I would like to play in a green place," he says.

For him and Abdul, who hopes that one of his students will one day beat him on the course, Tiger Woods is the man to look up to, his fame spreading to Afghanistan through magazines and DVDs brought over by expat players.

Abdul has a message for the star: "Please just once come to Afghanistan to play. Or invite us to your place," he says.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Siti Nurhaliza the "Mak Iti"

In Utusan Malaysia today - Siti Nurhaliza rela berbagi kasih sayang.

Waduh waduh Mak Iti.. That is what all Dato K's children call her. Finally Datuk Siti Nurhaliza has been accepted by the children. She claimed that it took quite sometimes to win their heart.

Below are some silly questions n statements that have been made. I guessed they just tangkap muat, aslong as whatever regarding Siti it will shake the world!
Question : Mereka mahu tahu rahsia Siti Nurhaliza membina kasih sayang dengan anak-anak yang sering kali kelihatan wajahnya di banyak acara nyanyian yang dihadiri Siti?
Believe me.. they had been dragged by their dad to watch the show! Anyway who doesn't want to watch free show n be part of the glamorous world? Does that means she has succeeded in winning their love?Perleeezzzz…
Question : Sudah dapat menambat hati anak-anak, ada soalan nakal yang minta kami tanyakan kepada Siti. Setelah lebih setahun masa berlalu, tidakkah jauh di sudut hati penyanyi ini berhasrat untuk cuba berbaik semula dengan wanita yang suatu ketika dahulu pernah hadir dalam kehidupan suaminya. Bekas isteri Datuk K, Tengku Zawyah Tengku Izham sebelum ini juga adalah salah seorang daripada kenalan Siti, jadi apalah salahnya kalau buangkan yang keruh, ambil saja yang jernih.
Siti didn’t want to answer this OF COURSE.. she left it to Dato K who reluctantly said “Saya tak ada masalah. Kalau berbaik pun, anak-anak juga yang senang.” Haaloooo…. You were the one who jeopardized the whole things n yet u said this. What make u think that it will be easy for them if their mom buddy with Siti. Aren’t they were close friends before n look what had happened..

Question : Apa kata suami melihat Siti di pentas lakonan? Berpasangan dengan lelaki lain pula tu, membawakan watak orang sedang asyik mahsyuk bercinta. Atau sesekali di rumah, Datuk K pun cuba jadi P. Ramlee, untuk membantu Siti menghayati watak Azizah dengan lebih baik?

Yeah.. yeah.. I bet they did that.. Dato K is a good actor anyway.

Pernah dalam jangka masa hampir sebulan, Datuk K langsung tidak menyentuh buku-buku tugasan sekolah anak-anak akibat kesuntukan waktu. Dia ditegur oleh Siti kerana melupakan tanggungjawab berkenaan. “Dia pula yang marahkan saya. Kenapa tak periksa buku anak-anak? Sebab itu saya melihat Siti dewasa. Dia tahu masa saya dengan anak-anak, dia tak akan ganggu. “Kadang-kadang dia SMS saya, bagi tahu dia bangga bila saya betul-betul beri tumpuan pada anak anak melebihi dirinya. dia tak kisah tentang semua itu,” kata Datuk K lagi.

They just will never stop n so damn proud to tell the whole world that they are really a happy, loving, perfect n super romantic couple.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Is this the End?

I had been thinking a lot lately. Did it ever encounter in one of your days that u have been thinking non-stop till u got head ache n still there is no end towards it? I am at that situation now. Well actually we r the one who can put to the end of it. But now my brain just ‘loves’ to keep repeating the same issues in my head like a record player again n again.

Nothing really serious actually.. it is just I’ve been thinking about my plan to go back to Malaysia for good. It’s about my child education, my house back in Malaysia n especially about my dearest father. Yes.. actually the whole thing was about my dad. No matter how hard I tried not to admit it n no matter how difficult I tried not to get involve into his life BUT me as his eldest n only daughter can’t help just to ignore it!

I believed Allah has put all of us accordingly to His plans. That’s why we have to believe Qada’ dan Qadar. And that goes to my father as well. After my mom passed away he remarried. I who was at first totally against the marriage slowly understood n accepted his new life partner. I understand that he needs a companion. My mom had been very sick for the last final year before the end of her life. My dad had really taking a good care of her.

Every child in the world wants to see their parents happy. I want to see my dad happy as well. My dad is just not like an old man that I used to know. He is now a different kind of person that I’ve known thru out my life. I can see in his eyes that he’s hiding something from all of us. We did ask n confronted him but as usual he will deny n said that he’s all right.

Ever heard the quotes ‘Seeing is believing’? Yes.. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen how my dad had been abused n treated. Well maybe not physicals abuse yet.. but mentally abused! As a normal human being n furthermore as his child u will definitely don’t like what u see. I had a few times intruded into their life but at the end I was the one who hurt more. The worst part the effects will go to my father which I hate to see it. The miserable n depressed look. I know that he sometimes felt guilty to us of what had happened but at the same time he has to please the other party.

I feel so helpless. Feel so guilty to my mom. I am not trying to play God but I always want to see my dad happy n give him the best that I could. I am far far away to reach him. I couldn’t be beside him if anything happen to him. I will never give up n stop praying to Allah that my father will one day realize the truth. He is such a kind hearted person n does not deserve at all to having this kind of life towards the last moments of his life.

Maybe I just better leave them alone. Like my hubby always says, if that make him happy let it be. I’ll be happy to do that if that really makes him happy. I have a special bonding with my dad. Cubit peha kiri, peha kanan terasa. I can leave him but I can’t be totally ignorant of what is going on.

One thing that I promise to myself n be very sure n definite, if there is something happen to my dad I WILL definitely kick her ass out from the house! This time there will be no compromise!

Friday, 19 October 2007

The End of my Long Break

Today is the end of my long Eid holiday. During these 9 days, I had a good time. Besides eating n eating, I had a chanced to meet n gather around with my friends. We had continuously open house to attend n also a good time camping at Wahiba Sand. Almost everybody especially kids had fever, cough n flu after came back from the desert.. including my hubby who had a bad tooth ache. And he finally got a slot appointment with the dentist n got his tooth plucked out.

So I guessed today will be a bored day for all of us as tomorrow everybody will start working n schooling. Tomorrow everything will be back as routine. My morning will be very busy from preparing breakfast, packing foods for kids, make them ready n then send them to school.

Tomorrow will also be my routine to go to my club. Get myself pumping up n sweat! After 35 days break.. I am a leisure woman without exercise.. I have to double up my cardio tomorrow!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Beauty and Sharia in Iran

Iranian women wearing chador (veil)

Iranian women who won bikini contest in Houston

TEHERAN - Breast augmentation? Hair extension? Body tanning? Ziba has done it all in Islamic Iran, where only a woman’s face and hands should be visible and the garments she wears in public must hide her curves. Wearing the all-enveloping chador (veil) or a headscarf and loose-fitting full-length coat is obligatory under Sharia law, imposed after the 1979 Islamic revolution. Offenders face fines, whipping or jail.

But that has not stopped image-conscious Iranian women and a growing number are going under the knife for new noses, tummy tucks, liposuction, lifting eyelids or breast augmentation. Art student Ziba, 25, has done nose and breast surgeries. “Now I want to be tanned and look more attractive,” she said, sitting in the waiting room of a northern Teheran spa.
Housewife Fariba, 34, like others wary of giving her full name, said: “I come here twice a week. Wearing hijab does not mean we should not care about our looks.” This spa has up to 40 customers a day, especially in summer when “more parties are being thrown”, said Sara, the manager. “I also have some customers who wear the chador. They want to look pretty at private parties.”

In a land where unmarried men and women are not allowed to mingle and women have to respect the Islamic dress code, dentist Shokoufeh Molai spends around $1,000 a month on her looks. “I have to look fresh and beautiful to preserve my marriage,” the 35-year-old woman said. She pays around $11 dollars a session for tanning.

While applying a special $250 cream on her face with her French manicured nails, she criticised Iran’s laws for not providing enough support to women.

Under Islamic law, men can marry up to four permanent wives and as many “temporary wives”, via religious contracts which can last from a few hours to several years. Women who enter temporary marriages are divorcees or widows.
Women, by contrast, require their husband’s permission to work or travel abroad and enjoy far weaker divorce and custody rights than men. But with female graduates outnumbering men, women enjoy greater rights and opportunities than in many other Middle Eastern states.
Many women run their own businesses and occupy senior management positions. They can practise almost any profession except judge or president of the country. “Iranian women are becoming more and more independent. Paying attention to their looks is part of this process,” she said.

Cosmetic surgery is not limited to the affluent and has spread among lower-income families where a teacher may earn about $200 a month. “It gives me confidence to have a nice face because it is the only part that I can show off,” said middle-class housewife Hasti, 30, who sold her car to raise $5,000 to have her nose altered.

Cosmetic surgeon Mitra Khalili said botox injections were very popular even among lower-income Iranians. “Women from all layers of the society want to iron out wrinkles. It costs around $200,” said Khalili. The cost of breast surgery, up to $10,000, put middle-class Iranians off, said a surgeon who asked not to be named. “But I do at least two breast surgeries per day.”

Cosmetic surgery is not the only way to look younger and fitter. Jam-e Jam Hair Club offers “extension” for almost $1,000 to those “who want to look like western celebrities”. “I look like Angelina Jolie now. Longer, thicker hair is a sign of beauty,” said Maryam, 25, the daughter of a businessman.
Source: Reuter

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Wahiba Sand Camping trip

We departed from Muscat around 11.30am. The journey took us about 2.5 hours (plus minus emergency stopped for smoking n toilet). There were 28 peoples in the group n we had three 4WD n two saloon cars altogether. We arrived at the meet point, Shell Petrol station at Bidiyah Wilayat where the Al-Raha tour operator for our camping office located. Only 4WD cars are capable to go thru the desert, so we rented another three 4WD. It took about 20 minutes to go from the main road to the camp.

We had to go thru all the bumpy sands n I can see it’s like all the six 4WD were racing towards the camp. For the three 4WD cars that we rented they are a very experienced driver. They drive like they own the desert! As for Nazri who driven our car, he seems enjoying n showing off his skills on the sand :). But I can’t stand looking at how focussed n stiffed he was.. hehehehe.. And I bet Haji will be the same too as both of them were the first timers driving on the desert, except for Rohimi that this was his 2nd trip.

Huh.. finally we safely arrived at the camp. They have a very nice small little hut with modern facilities like electric n attached bathroom. Once settled with all the luggage n rooms, all the moms busied unpacked all the foods for the lunch. The next activities were sand boarding. The kids seem to enjoy it. Next all of us went for sand bashing by the 4WD (roller coaster thrilled n screaming session!). They dropped us up by the hill to watch the sunset n then all of us walked n slided down the hill. It was so fun n thrilling.

At night time we had dinner n followed by sheisha while listening to the Omani songs n dancing by the campfire. Then all of us headed to the open space lied down and looked at the beautiful sky. It was full with stars. It was so cold during night time in the deserts. The sky was so black n huge with lovely sparkling stars n saw many shooting stars above us. We screamed for each time we saw the shooting stars.

The next morning after breakfast we had a camel riding n quad bikes activities. We checked out n left the camp around 10am. We drove back another two hours to Muscat n stopped by for our lunch at Al-Mawaleh for the Briayani.

We really had a good time especially for the children. This place was a bit better n more organized than the one I went before except…. for the little small issues n argument that I n Rohaya had with the owner. We had being cheated. But knowing Arabs.. the kepala batu n sombong bodoh, n furthermore we are at their territory surely we will loose during this argument! Tapi takpe.. janji hati puas dapat bertekak dengan deorang!! Satisfied giving them a hard time n teach them that they can't do this to everybody! One thing for sure I will NOT recommend this place to my other friends n even for my next trip...

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Still in the Eid mood

I am having a terrible stomach ache! My activities today was full with eating, eating n eating. I guessed my tummy was a bit shock from the way I ate. I don’t really eat much during ramadhan, especially when I’m the one who did all the cooking stuffs. So when I go to my friends’ house, tasted other people’s cooking I am like pulun habis… This is why I ended up having stomach ache.

In the afternoon we had lunch at Hamzah’s house. Lyn cooked Laksa Johor n Lontong. Nyam.. nyam.. Mohammad Wahibi, my hubby’s Omani colleague came by to see n gave us lamb that has been cooked in a very traditional way style of Oman. He never fail to give us that dish every year during Eid. Except this year was a bit special because he gave us goat’s head!

Zahrul enjoying himself eating goat's head!!

I n my hubby n some of our friends don’t eat lamb. So we actually missed the best part of Oman which is Oman’s lamb. For those lamb’s lovers, it was claimed that the lamb meat here was the best n it taste really different from the one in Malaysia. So.. to Zahrul n Nazri.. the lamb maniac.. today they really pulun habis..
Tonight is also Mysha’s 5th birthday. We celebrated at Zahrul’s house n guess what does his wife Zaireen cook? Laksa Penang.. Did I mention Laksa? Yes.. this year raya’s theme is Laksa. We started with Laksa Sarawak, Laksa Johor n Laksa Penang.. After the candle blowed n cake cutting, we had a karaoke session. As usual the microphone had been conquered by Nazri n Haji.
Nazri n Haji - can u believe that they were trying to sing Indonesian's song My heart? Memang hancus!!!
Haji singing Search's song.. peewit...

We all did enjoy our night. Tomorrow all of us will be leaving for our desert camping trip at Wahiba Sand. We had our ‘brain-storming’ session about the trip – what to bring, to do n not to do! All of us are so excited n looking forward for the day tomorrow. So meanwhile to all the readers.. stay put n don’t eat too much!

p/s: I hope my tummy will get better by tomorrow morning

Saturday, 13 October 2007

My First Day of Eid

I started my first Eid early in the morning with preparing n cooking for the open house. The guests started coming from 9.00 am. It’s such a happy n joyous day for all of us to gather around with all the Malaysian friends. Everybody came with stunning full traditional attire (baju melayu, sampin, songkok n baju kurung) with a color theme for each family. Aren’t we all proud to be Malaysian? We all look so handsomely n beautiful.

Kids were running around playing while moms catching up gossips n dads too (with the background music of raya songs). Not to mention some of us busy taking n posing for pictures as well. More photos will be soon updated in my fotopages. My house door bell was also non-stop with the kids around the neighbourhood came for ‘duit raya’. We thought it is only a tradition n practise back in Malaysia but it is also happening in here.

My open house ended approximately around 12.30pm. After maghrib all of us headed to Hj Zunaidi’s house. Rohaya cooked a super delicious Laksa Sarawak that I have ever tasted before. Today is the happy day for all of us celebrating Eid especially for my kids, Nadira who got a lot of duit raya this year. Thanks to my hubby for the duit raya too (tengah pikir nak beli apa ni…) That’s the end of my first day joyful Eid.

p/s: I still do miss celebrating raya at my kampung. Managed to make phone call to Ayah at Alor Setar, Mak at Malacca n ucu, kak yan even though the line was so busy n congested.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Eid Mubarak

Walau kita berjauhan
Namun kita tetap dekat di hati
Di hari mulia lebaran
Salah silap mohon di maafi

Tuai padi antara masak
Esuk jangan layu layuan
Walau kita jauh tak nampak
Namun kita tetap rindu rinduan

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Memory of Ramadhan - Part 5

Another two days we will be celebrating Eid. I am here has busy started making cookies n cakes. I have nothing much to prepare except cleaning up the house n cook for the Eid celebration. This year is my fourth Eid in Muscat n it’s always the same routines n programs every year.

When I was small, by this time my mom had prepared everything including ‘baju raya’. I do still remember how excitedly I am to wear those new baju raya. I will put my new baju kurung neatly on my bed, including my new shoes. Tried n looked at it for so many times until I fall asleep.

When I have started working, I never forget n failed to buy every year for my mom n dad baju raya. They were excited like me as well. I can see the happiness in their eyes. Now my mom is not around anymore to accept anything from me. She is the only person that I always remember n never forget at this moment especially during Eid. Hanya doa dari Kak Long yang sentiasa mengiringi dan menemani mama sepanjang masa.

This year, the night before Eid, my family n close buddy will gather around for takbir raya. This year it will be at Zaharul’s house. The first Eid after prayer I will organize an open house. A ‘must’ dishes – ketupat, rendang n nasi minyak. At night we’ll go to Hj Zunaidi’s house. On the second day morning it will be at Hamzah’s house n in the evening at Zaharul’s house again for his daughter’s birthday celebration.

I bet all of us we’ll be compiling up our weight with all this ‘makan-makan’ activities. We here in Oman will have the whole long week holiday. On the third Eid all of us will have a camping at the desert – Wahiba Sands. My family has been there before n this trip is to introduce to the newcomers. (Wait for my update for this trip!)

For those who will have a long journey 'balik kampung' please drive safely.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

1 million house of Dato K - Dato Siti

Pengarang Hai, Huzz beritahu Niezam, bukan senang nak siarkan gambar-gambar di dalam rumah Siti dan suaminya itu kerana dia terpaksa mengambil masa yang lama untuk memujuk Datuk K.

Yang lebih menggembirakan selepas ‘cair’ dengan pujukan Huzz itu, akhirnya Datuk K sudi secara eksklusif untuk membenarkan gambar-gambar di dalam rumah mereka yang bernilai RM1 juta itu disiarkan.“Banyak barangan berharga terdapat di dalam rumah Siti dan kebanyakannya dari Itali. Datuk K sendiri yang membuat hiasan dalaman rumah mereka,” cerita Huzz.

p/s: kalau macam ni lah interiornya... ada yang lebih2 bagus.. i can't see the exclusive of the house.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Memory of Ramadhan - Part 4

Pelita.. it’s like a must during hari raya. I still remember when I was little, my dad never failed to put on pelita every year during Eid. Me n my brothers were so excited looking n running along those pelita that being hanged around the fences of our house. When we were small we played bunga api every night by lighting it using that pelita.

But nowadays has changed. You hardly see those pelita around the house except at the kampung area. I guess maybe it is for the safety purposes. The trend has changed now, people started to put lights – lampu lip lap I called it around the house. The lights came with different kinds of shape n design. Some of it even with ketupat design. I love to drive around at night to see houses that have been decorated with those beautiful lights.

Here in Oman you will miss all that. You can never find pelita over here. Last night my hubby n Nazri had made n effort to make our house looked glory with those lampu lip lap. They hanged it up.. up.. on the roof of our house. Now.. I can tell u that we are the only house along those streets that has those lampu lip lap..

I wonder what those Omani will say about it. Ha ha ha.. but who cares. We just wanna have the raya spirit like we had back in Malaysia.

Monday, 8 October 2007

The new 'Ina Naim'

Macam-macam lah kau Ina.... takpe lah.. janji glemer!!
Ina Naim in the paper clip put conditions to those who invite her to sing must also innvite her husband - Suhaimi as well.. ????? (can they sing?)

They denied the previous interviewed. She said she didn't mind to be invited alone, it is just if she n her hubby sing together they will give a good discount package. (whatever.. like people want to..)

She told reporters that she wouldn't want to wear pants anymore in any photograph sessions. It is because pants are man's attire! Only baju kurung n those yang menutup aurat. (do you have to tell the whole world? like we care??)