Saturday, 13 October 2007

My First Day of Eid

I started my first Eid early in the morning with preparing n cooking for the open house. The guests started coming from 9.00 am. It’s such a happy n joyous day for all of us to gather around with all the Malaysian friends. Everybody came with stunning full traditional attire (baju melayu, sampin, songkok n baju kurung) with a color theme for each family. Aren’t we all proud to be Malaysian? We all look so handsomely n beautiful.

Kids were running around playing while moms catching up gossips n dads too (with the background music of raya songs). Not to mention some of us busy taking n posing for pictures as well. More photos will be soon updated in my fotopages. My house door bell was also non-stop with the kids around the neighbourhood came for ‘duit raya’. We thought it is only a tradition n practise back in Malaysia but it is also happening in here.

My open house ended approximately around 12.30pm. After maghrib all of us headed to Hj Zunaidi’s house. Rohaya cooked a super delicious Laksa Sarawak that I have ever tasted before. Today is the happy day for all of us celebrating Eid especially for my kids, Nadira who got a lot of duit raya this year. Thanks to my hubby for the duit raya too (tengah pikir nak beli apa ni…) That’s the end of my first day joyful Eid.

p/s: I still do miss celebrating raya at my kampung. Managed to make phone call to Ayah at Alor Setar, Mak at Malacca n ucu, kak yan even though the line was so busy n congested.

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that's a bad thing on being a photographer.... I'm not in the picture..!!!