Friday, 26 October 2007

Abu Dhabi - 25th October

Perempuan Melayu Terakhir & Jejaka Idaman
Happy Kids , Paris Hilton - Nicole Richie

We left the Abu Dhabi Airport about 12.15am. We decided to settle down at Abu Dhabi that night. All of us, Zul, Haji, Zahrul n Rohimi never actually been to Abu Dhabi before. Since Zahrul has stayed in Dubai, he had been selected to lead us the way to the city centre to find the hotels. Ni kira macam orang buta lead anak-anak jalan lah.. With the helpful signboard n walkie-talkie (thanks to that super useful device) we finally managed to be at the city centre which at that time was around 1.30am.

We found the first hotel apartment n stopped by to ask for the rooms. Unfortunately there were no rooms. We went to the next one, still no rooms available. The third hotel.. yes they have, one room with the rate 2,900dirham. Nobody dare to take it…

We moved on again.. n again… until finally the man decided turning back to Al-Ain. But wait.. when they called the hotel that we previously booked it was not available anymore. We had been informed that all the hotels in Abu Dhabi were full because of they were having some sort of exhibition. But don’t tell me all the hotels were fully booked???

We went again which I think maybe the 8th hotel, and it was also no rooms available. Then we decided to split four of us for the hotels hunting. Whoever got the hotel first, just go ahead to settle down. Haji sticked with us, Zahrul n Rohimi went on their own way.

After the 12th hotel that we went, we finally settle at the 3-star hotels which cost us 1044dirham. We were so tired at the time n with my hands cramped of holding my kids, I said to my hubby just go for it. That was around 3.00 am at that time. Rohimi who gave up n wanted to drive down to Dubai, finally found the hotel along the way for 1200dirham. Zahrul after went to the 15th hotel gave up finally settled down sleeping in the car.

Since we were already at Abu Dhabi, the next morning all of us went for the city tour. We drived along the corniche took photos n finally stopped over at the Marina Mall. All the moms were screaming when they saw the IKEA. Just imagine how isolated our life is at Oman… We missed our big huge mall at Malaysia n all the hi-tech gadgets..

We spent three hours there n drived back to Oman at 3pm. The journey was smooth n we stopped by at Sohar at 9.00pm for our dinner. I safely arrived home at 12.10am, followed by Zahrul n Haji later at 12.45am (they stopped by for a short nap).

Even though the journey was tiring n rushing we never complaint because it was all unexpectedly. Sometimes there are things happened as we planned n wished but sometimes there are also things happened unexpectedly n surprisingly. This is what we called fate – takdir, Qada’ dan Qadar. May Allah bless all of us..

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