Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Waris Jari Hantu

Finally I had a chance to watch some movies yesterday. I choosed to watch Waris Jari Hantu. I like to watch Malay movies n u guys can call me a sort of Malay movies fan or ‘mereka mereka yang menyokong filem industri filem melayu'. I didn’t really go to cinema nowadays n I might be the last person to enjoy n watch the film as I have to wait for the CD version or the ‘cetak rompak’ one!

This film is about best friends (Tina n Ari) who are related to the custodian of the spiritual tiger, Tok Wan Rimau. Tok Wan (Azean Irdawaty) n her spiritual tiger is searching for a female heir to inherit her powers. This story may sound kind of ridiculous n nonsensical to some of the viewers because of those karut marut things but it does really happen in part of our world.

For me this is not too extreme compare to some of the Indonesian movies that sometimes are so illogical n make no sense at all! Congratulations to the director, Suhaimi Baba. You had given a new dimension to the Malaysian Film Industries. This film has won a few awards in 20th Malaysian Film Festival 2007 recently.

The film n Suhaimi Baba herself has won the Best Director, Best Original Story n Best Original Music Score. Bravo to Rusdi Ramli for the Best Actor (ko memang deserve this nyah.. kelas lakonan ko). Last but not least, the infamous actress Azean Irdawati has grabbed for herself the Best Actress in the supporting role.

To the one million dollar director – Yusup Selam (oops.. Yusuf Haslam) wake up man.. Nowadays people don’t watch cintan cintun film anymore. Stop taking advantage on the singers to be the hero/heroin in your film. Get real man..

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Anonymous said...

..that cheap usop-blood-sucking-selam…argh…

agree with you there dear. But again, its either we really like the movies or we are just so damn bored watching Mazzika Arabia... CINTA was good though, I’ve seen it http://pickholes.wordpress.com/2007/01/03/2007already/

hubby laa..