Saturday, 27 October 2007

Automatic Car Wash

It seems a very long time that I’ve not send my car for cleaning at Car Wash Centre. We normally have people come every evening to wash the car. But he will only clean the body of the car. The inside of my car now look so dirty full with sands (from Wahiba Sand) n small little items that I don’t like to see.

So today I’ve decided to send it for cleaning at the Automatic Car Wash. This is a favourite place for my two little kids, Nabila n Hakeem. They were very excited when I told them that we’re going there.

The moment the car went inside, they were screaming excitedly. Hugging n holding hands each other. I still remember when they were still very small they were terrified n scared to see all this. Now they are grown up n smart. They really enjoy the show.

Later I treated them Mc Donald while waiting for the car to get vacuumed.

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vougEBratzy said...

syok ahhh!! hehehe...comey2!!