Sunday, 31 August 2008

Malaysia 51th National Day

Nabila n Hakeem with their Merdeka pose - saat2 merdeka frm fighting with each other!

Merdeka Merdeka! Happy 51th Birthday Malaysia. It’s holiday here n I didn’t do much activities n just stay at home. Yesterday after hours spent time looking around for my kitchen appliances, I had finally decided on certain product n got all the measurements. A big relieve as one of my tasks accomplished.

All of us were so worn out last night. All my children retired early. I stayed up late as I already had a short nap after reached home. Finally I had a chance to have the TV for my own as normally it will be conquered by my children with cartoon, cartoon n cartoon…

Lots of Merdeka concert here n there showed on TV. Exactly 12.00 midnight, I heard the loud fireworks from my house. I opened my door hoping that I could see it but unfortunately it was just a dark empty sky. Still not satisfied, I ran to my bedroom (still hoping) tapi takde gak.. So I just sat on the couch watching the life fireworks on TV with the loud sound of dum dum dum outside my house n the sound effects of people screaming n also with the vibration of my glass sliding door.

So pathetic ah.. But that’s how it is. I wish my hubby was around. If he is around, I will surely drag him to watch the fireworks along with the kids. I love to watch the fireworks n he knows it well.

As for today, I cooked simple lunch for all of us n sent Nadira back home to her boarding. Her class will not started until Tuesday but since she was on MC for so long n missed her friends, she begged me to send her today.

Though my celebration of Merdeka is not the same as others but I still have the feelings of patriotism to my country. I am proud of Malaysia. Although I’ve been around to a few other countries, no place can be as beautiful n peaceful as my country. Saya Anak Malaysia.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Pending Task

While I was away, it never a single second flicked on my mind about all the pending tasks back home including my ‘house project’. The project that I was so committed n always on my mind day n night. After two days back home, my Mr Contractor has started calling me. I ignored n didn’t reply his first called as I was busied n still not in the mood to attend it.

On Wednesday I went to see the house n was so pleased that it is in progress. They had put in all the floor tiles in the living/dining room n including all the toilets. My backyard already tiled n just waiting for the roof. Overall all the wet work has been done n just waiting for the ID work which to put in all the built in wardrobes n cabinets.

Yesterday the Mr Contractor called me n we had a long conversation. And of course one of the issues that he will submit his next payment claim soon. He knows that he will never easily get payment from me until I see all the job has been done according to the Bill of Quantity. So next Monday we will be meeting for further discussion.

By Monday I have to submit to him the measurement of my bed, fridge, oven, microwave n stove for the built in cabinets. I n hubby have decided on a few items but I still have to look around for others. Look around here meaning that I have to hop in from one shop to another to decide which brand n type that I want.

The crucial part for me is the built in hob with cooker hood. I really has lost track with all the latest brand n technology. Every shop that I went will recommended every single different brand which at the end I don’t know which one is good.

I guess tomorrow will be a long day for me which I hate to drag my kids along with me. My two little kids somehow are the homely type of person. They would just prefer to stay at home rather than to go out from the house.

But sorry kids, mommy has no choice. Definitely tomorrow I have to buy toy for Hakeem n book for Nabila for their upah. And for Nadira, I have to make for her the new glasses.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Birthday Wish to my Husband

You're my best friend in the good times
and my rock in times of sorrow
You're the reason for sweet yesterdays
and my promise for tomorrow

You are not only a wonderful husband to me
but also a wonderful father to my children
You mean the world to us
and yet so much more

My dearest love,
You have my utmost respect, admiration n love. And I look forward to living out the rest of my life with you. Happy Birthday to you n I hope all your wishes will come true.

Semoga Allah panjangkan umur abang, murah rezeki, sihat dan dilindungiNYA sentiasa.

p/s: We will celebrate the birthday when you come back. Kids already got the present for you!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


This morning I drove down to Putrajaya to buy school uniforms for Nabila n Hakeem. They are going to start their new term at their new school next Tuesday. We then dropped by at Alamanda Mall to get some stuffs for their school.

Today, I was invited by my cousin to her house as her mom (my mom’s sis) is there. I don’t have many cousins who are close to me. Both my parents were working n moving around from one state to another which we ended up settled down in Kedah. In Kedah, I only have my aunty & cousin from my mom side n uncle from my dad side.

My cousin – Tariza as I call her Jaw is quite close to me. When we were small, me n my brothers used to play with her n her brothers each time when we went balik kampong at Tanjung Labuh. Among of all the girls’ cousin, she’s the one who is pretty close to me. When we started working we became closer as both of us stay nearby.

We went shopping together, outing n even share our problems n secrets. When both of us got married, we got busy with the family n moving around to another place, therefore we became apart. Once in a while we still contact each other for updates.

Today for the first time I went to her house n met her children. They are so adorable. Her second daughter is same age as Nabila. Both of them got along so well in just a second. Sampai Hakeem pun jeles.. I spent there for hours chatting with my aunty, uncle n my cousin.

When it’s time to say goodbye, I told Shafika (my cousin’s daughter) that her mom is my best friend when we were young. So she n my daughter who are second cousins can be like us too! Surprisingly when I invited her to come over to my house n even sleep over, she was so keen n eager to come. Maybe one day I will arrange for her to come. Girls sleep over party for Nabila. So Hakeem tidur dgn Mommy je lah!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Get Well Soon, Nadira

I’ve had eventful activities since I came back from Umrah. The moment I got back home all the pending tasks n needs immediately popped out from my head. First things first, the next morning I went to do groceries as all the rations at home were out of stock. Nadira was complaining having pain in her right eye. I told her to wait until the next day as I was still tired to drive out to the clinic.

On Sunday, my cousin Kak Yan went back to Kedah n Dhaniah to Putrajaya. Later then I went to the clinic for Nadira’s eye checked up. Since it was on Sunday, most of all the clinics were closed. I found one clinic nearby my house n waited for one hour till got to see the doctor. The doctor said that her eyes got some infection cause of the blood vessel got torn. I don’t know how that happened as Nadira said she didn’t fall down or poke something in her eye.

The doctor gave an eye drop n a tube of ointment. If her eyes didn’t get better by 1-2 days, she got to get a follow up treatment from the eye specialist. The doctor gave her a week M.C for her to get recovered. Today, Nadira’s eye seems getting worse. Her eye swollen, reddish n she felt painful n twitchy.

So this afternoon I brought her to the Selangor Medical Centre to see the eye specialist. The doctor explained to us very detailed of what actually happened to her eyes. Her eye got infection n there’s something like a ketumbit in the middle of her eyelid. Since it was in the middle, it’s difficult for the doctor to squeeze it out unless it’s at the corner of the eye. So Nadira had to go for a minor surgery.

The moment the doctor said word ‘surgery’ n ‘operation’, she has started crying out loud. We got to calmed her down for a few moments. Nadira never undergone any operation before n this will definitely scared her to death. I felt sorry for my girl. She really cried n said that she was scared.

After a few assurances from the doctor that it will be quick n less pain, Nadira finally agreed to go to the surgery room. I was there besides her holding her hand. The doctor got to jab her eyelid for buse. The moment the doctor inject the needle I saw her eyelid’s skin swollen up like a balloon. Oh my God, that was so scary. But I had to pretend n kept calm as I didn’t want to show my panic face to Nadira.

Then the doctor used a spatula to grip her eyelid n tightened the screw on it to make sure the eye lid didn’t slipped of from it. At that moment Nadira was cried out of her lung n squeezed my hand tightly. The doctor tried to loosen the grip then the eyelid slipped again. So the processed kept repeating for 3 times. I had to tell Nadira to stay calm or else she will be more painful n made the doctor’s job more difficult.

Then the doctor used a small knife to cut the swollen part like ketumbit in her eye lid. The doctor scraped n pressed that part till all the nanah n blood came out. Huh.. if Nadira were to see what the doctor did to her eyes, she surely will go hysterical.

The surgery only took around 8 minutes. Nadira was actually more scared than painful. When the doctor put the patch on her right eyes n we all made fun of her, she started laughing. Hakeem said Kak Deea looked like Naruto!!

I hope that she will recover soon. This is definitely something that she will never forget in her life. My poor girl.

Monday, 25 August 2008

I'm Back

Alhamdullilah I had safely arrived back home on 23 Ogos, 4.45pm. I was so happy n excited to see my cousins, brothers, sister n children at the airport.

I had a tremendous experience thru out my time in Madinah n Mekah which I will share it all in my next post.

Thank you so much to my dearest cousins (Kak Yan n Dhaniah) who took care of my children during my absence. And not to forget to the ‘big sisters’ – Faizah n Deea who had done a marvellous job to your little sister n brother. Last but not least to my dearest hubby – without u I will not be able to have my journey success.

I know that I can count on all of you. Love you all.

Madinah Al-Munawarrah

I departed from KLIA on 11August 15:30 n arrived Madinah at 01.30, 12August. Once arrived at the hotel we straight away had our dinner ( I supposed it was like sahur). Then had a short nap n went down to Masjid Nabawi to have our subuh prayer.

After breakfast I n Mak went back to the mosque to visit Raudhah. Salam to our Rasullulah S.A.W. As usual it was always packed n we had to squeeze in ourself to perform solat sunat at Raudhah. I guarded my mom while she performed the solat which at the same time people were non-stop pushing me from behind. But Alhamdullilah we managed to spend ample time there.

The next day we were brought to a tour around Madinah. We visited Masjid Quba which was the first Mosque built by Rasullulah S.A.W. Later then we went to Masjid Qiblatain which has two kiblat (one pointing to Baitulmaqdis n one to Masjidil Haram).

We then went to Jabal Uhud. Jabal Uhud was where the famous battle of Uhud was fought in the 3rd year of Hijrah. This was where Rasulullah's uncle Saidina Hamzah, who was killed and had his heart eaten by a woman named Hindun. He, together with all those who died in battle are buried at the foot of the hill.

Our last destination was the infamous Pasar Kurma. The long stretch of shops selling dates, nuts, raisins n chocolates. We didn’t actually go around all the shops there. The organizer asked us to go to ‘his’ special shops that most of all Malaysians n Indonesians went there and had a great discount.

The highest quality dates can only be found in Madinah which include Kurma Nabi. All of us in the groups end up bought kgs of various dates plus raisins, nuts n chocolates. We managed to get back to the hotel before zuhur.

The weather here in Madinah was very dry n hot. It was 48deg celcius. Alhamdullilah because of my experienced stay in Oman, I was fine n ok with the weather. In fact I was smiling thinking the moments of my stay in Oman n what I had been doing during this high deg season. Huh.. betul2 rindu bangat sampai panas mengelegak pun boleh senyum sorang2!

Except for Mak n other jemaah, they can’t stand the heat especially when the winds blow. It was so hot n dry. I always tell the people who asked me before how does it feels during the summer n I always said, you go down to the puduraya station n stand behind one of the running engine bus. Did you feel the heat blow on your face? Ha.. that’s how it feels with 48-50deg celcius climate here.

After Isyak we went again to visit Makam Rasullulah S.A.W for Ziarah Widaq as the next day after the subuh prayer all of us will be going to Mekah.

The Ziarah Widaq which is the final visit to say goodbye to Rasullullah S.A.W was the sad n touchy moment for me. A kind of feelings deep inside me that reminds me of how Rasullulah S.A.W the messenger of Allah struggle so hard to spread Islam. How he was so brave n determine to stand for Islam. And we as a Muslim should be proud for him.

I only had a chance to spend here for 3 days n I wish I could stay longer.

Makkah Al-Mukarammah

We departed from Madinah on 14August to Makkah after Subuh. We stopped by at Bir Ali for our miqad Umrah. It took 5 hours journey (by bus) from Madinah to our hotel in Mekah. We reached at the hotel around 1pm. We had our lunch n gathered back at 2.15pm to perform our first Umrah guided by the Mutawif.

We managed to finish our Umrah at 5.00pm as we had to stop after Tawaf for Saie after Asar prayer. The accomplished for the first Umrah was such a triumph to me. I hugged Mak with tears. It was an amazing feeling.

The weather here in Makkah was not as hot as in Madinah. The maximum was only 40deg celcius but it was very humid. Which I would prefer the climate in Madinah. Part of Masjidil Haram was under on going construction. They were in the processed of extending at the wing of Marwah.

I stayed at the hotel somewhere in Masjid Kuching. It took us 30 minutes to go to Masjidil Haram. We had to go thru the non-stop dusty constructions road. We then squashed ourselves to the only available entrance – the crowded Safa-Marwah.

At this particular time, people are getting more n more. Masjidil Haram was so packed n crowded. We went to the mosque n back to the hotel for every solat time (except Maghrib-Isyak) for an hour journey. We did this for 3 consecutive days until we found another entrance which was better, clearer n not crowded. It was Gate 45 Al-Fath.

The same dusty construction road, a bit further climbed up the hill but we were happy as it took us only 20 minutes. Fewer 10 minutes which was the time we spent squashing, squeezing ourselves thru the crowded Saie area to go to the solat area.

Every trip to the MAsjidil Haram was a trial for us. It’s not just the dusty road but the humid weather which we can feel the sweat running down plus a few times I almost stumbled down hitting the rocks.

Everybody was walking very fast using all the energy that we had to avoid the lorries, tractors n dust. Just imagine we all makcik-makcik with the telekung plus a few layers of dress underneath berpeluh terkedek-kedek jalan!

Alhamdullilah we are the woman with the strong endurance survived with this trial. I and others salute Mak (61 years old) for her strong willpower walking up n down the hill without failure. She sometimes even walked faster than us!

Ziarah Kota Makkah - 1st Trip

On the 4th day (17th August) of our stay in Makkah, we went around for a ziarah. We were being brought to Padang Arafah, Mudzalifah n Mina. We then went to Jabal Rahmah where this was the place Adam n Hawa met after being thrown out from the heaven.

People who come here especially who are still single always wish n pray for their life partner. As for me, I wish that my brother Boy will soon find one n get married. The place was crowded with camel n people selling stuffs. What I enjoyed most was the ice cream. So yummy..

By the way did I tell u that one of Malaysian celebrity was in our group? Hmm… from KLIA airport this people especially Makcik-Makcik were non stop taking picture with him. Except me ok.. I just took picture with him here in Jabal Rahmah.. Tu pun after dah takde org nak tangkap gambar dgn dia!! He is yezzzah… Jimmy Shanley.

Lastly we stopped by at Jaraana for our Miqad Umrah – our second Umrah. This time we did umrah by ourselves (without Mutawif). There were six of us – Me, Mak, Fauziah, Faizah, Kak Maz n Shasha. The same people who were always stick together.

Ziarah Kota Makkah - 2nd Trip

On the 6th day (19th August) we went around for the 2nd ziarah. We went to the camel farm. Here we witnessed the making of camel’s milk. I who never like to drink milk, was forced to have a sip of it. I took the challenge n surprisingly it tasted good n I didn’t throw out!

We then went to Hudaibiah to have our miqad for Umrah. At this particular time, the place for making the kelambu kaabah was closed n not opened for the public. So the organizer had make an appointment for us to visit the museum instead.

Our time was at 11.00am. They only allowed group by group to enter the museum. We waited for ½ hour before we could get in. The museum has lots of interesting historical items about Madinah n Makkah.

Regrettably we could only spend there till 12noon. The person in charged chased all of us with the reason it’s almost time for solat zuhur. We actually could be there till 12.30pm. Tapi dah kena halau dgn Pak Arab.. kena ah keluar..

We spent our last few days in Makkah by staying in Masjidil Haram. We performed our 4th final Umrah on the following day started from 2.00am n finished just rightly before subuh.

The place has getting crowded day by day. On the 22August our last day in Makkah, we performed Tawaf Widaq after solat Asar.

We then left Tanah Haram to Jeddah. The organizer brought us around the Jeddah city, Red Sea n had our maghrib/isyak prayer at Masjid Terapung.

We departed from Jeddah at 2.55am.

The Experience

My experience during this trip of Umrah was totally different from the previous one. The last time I went was with my hubby n children. The weather at that time was so pleasant. Masjidil Haram was not so crowded. Everything was seems so easy for all of us. The hotel in Makkah was just 3 minutes walk. The moment I stepped out from the hotel, I could see the Masjidil Haram.

But this time, it was like chalk n cheese. The weather was boiling hot n all the time we were draining with sweat. My hotel in Makkah was 20 minutes walk. Our journey to the Masjidil Haram was always being accompanied with the winds of dust, lorry, and tractors. Our white telekung has turned to grey colour.

But Alhamdullilah all of this didn’t make me stop going to the mosque. It even made me more determined n energized. The feelings of prayed n looked at the kaabah were such a dramatic n amazing moments. It was an experience that I will never forget in my life.

I didn’t encounter any difficulties or trials while performing Umrah. Except this time it was a mixed up kinds of feelings, emotions that I had because I was there alone. Alone without my hubby. 3 days before leaving for Umrah, I was having a doubts n fears of whether I was making a right decision going there without him.

Thinking of leaving my children for quite sometimes which I never done it before n all sorts of fears n worries played on my mind – what if anything happen n I am not around? I guessed Allah wanted to test me. I did lots of solat hajat, taubat n isthikharah n talked to my hubby n finally I had a clear mind on the next day.

Allah had pre arranged everything nice n smooth journey for me. I had my cousins who were willing to come down from Kedah to take care of my house n children. My children had no problems with them. During my absence, the two little ones seem not to notice so much of my disappearance.

I didn’t actually have worried about them while in Madinah n Makkah. Alhamdullilah my health was superb while some were having cough n flu. And most of all my bonding between me n my mother in law has became stronger. We enjoyed every single moment there n love the company of our usual colleagues. The food was so good till we complaint that all the dress we brought couldn’t fit anymore. I was so excited to eat shawarma with my favourite diet pepsi n rani juices.

The last few days of my stay, I have started missing my children. There was one night I couldn’t sleep, cried thinking about them. The next day during asar, there was one lady came to me n asked me to look after her child as she wanted to perform tawaf sunat. I asked whether she will be long as I’m afraid the child will woke up from sleep n cry. She said it will be quick n before I could say anything she had quickly gone.

I who at first didn’t bother to look at the child when the mom was talking to me was so surprised to see the child who was sleeping looked exactly like Hakeem, except he was a bit skinny. Ya Allah… I touched the boy n the tears were in my eyes. His eyes lashes, the nose n the snoring reminded me of Hakeem. Thank You Allah, for sending this boy to me.

My two weeks journey of Umrah has taught me lots of things. I had seen different kind of people n attitudes from various culture n even within my tour group. I understand why Allah chosen me this time to go without my hubby. I was there not only to take care of my mother in law but also others as well. Somehow I always being picked to lead the way though a few times I told them that this was my second trip n I had lack of knowledge in all this. Just like my previous Umrah, I was always being approached by elderly people n this time by children.

Most of all, I learned to appreciate more the life that I have now - my hubby, children, family n friends.

I was fortunate indeed. I was fortunate because has been chosen by Allah S.W.T to be in this trip. I hope that this will not be my last trip to Makkah. I would like to go there again soon with my hubby to perform Haj. Insyaalah.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Be Away

I will be away for two weeks to perform Umrah (with my mother in-law). I will be departing from KLIA to Madinah this afternoon.

I hope that we will have a safe trip. May this spiritual journey of ours will be blessed upon by Allah S.W.T. Insyaalah.

Labbaika Allahumma Labbaik. Labbaik La Sharika Laka Labbaik. Innal-Hamdah, Wan-Ni'matah, Laka wal Mulk, La Sharika Lak.

"Here I am O Allaah, (in response to Your call), here I am. Here I am, You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise, grace and sovereignty belong to You. You have no partner."

"An Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and the next, and Hajj which is accepted will receive no other reward than Paradise."

Friday, 8 August 2008


The lucky n ‘keramat’ date for some people – 08.08.08. This is the date that has been waiting n chosen by couples to get married. I heard this morning from one of the radio stations that more than 250 people chose today to get hitched just because of the number on the day itself.

In the news paper today also reported, numbers of lucky babies were born today.

As for me, nothing special happened today. I didn’t even notice about the date until I heard it from the radio. Today I got my car washed n seems there were not many cars I decided to get it polished for paint treatment. Ummph.. I was so pleased to see my car shined like new.

I then went to have lunch with my eldest daughter, Faizah as she is so busy with her assignments, exams n wouldn’t be able to come back over the weekend. Next went on to buy a few books for Nabila n of course toy for Hakeem.

Today is also the day where my cousin – Kak Yan n his son, Mughni arrived. They will be here to take care of my children n house while I am away. I hope that she will have a pleasant stay n my kids won’t give her so much trouble.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Trully Blessed

At this particular moment I just want to say that I am so grateful. Blessful with the blissful life I have now. I am the most fortunate person on earth for having such a wonderful husband, children, family n life.

I had been thru a few hurdles in my life n almost stumbled n fall down. But God seems to be there to help me. I believe whatever that has been stored for me is His arrangement. I have faith in Qada & Qadar. There is always reason n cause of what happened to me.

I learned to face n accept all the tests n difficulties with open heart. Though regret was always the feeling that I had, but at the end I realized that all these will make me a wiser n stronger person.

Grace n praise to Allah for giving me a wonderful life. Grateful to Allah for destined me to meet a man who all this while has being a great n kind soul mate n life partner. Thanks to Allah for all the beautiful children that I have. I felt truly blessed.
My health is good n my mind is sound
Family loves me and friends abound
I am blessed

I live in freedom and my home is mine
My life is like a vintage wine
I am blessed

My faith sustains me when I am low
God supports me and I know it's so
I am blessed

For everything I was denied
Other blessings were multiplied
I am blessed
(poem by Ron Flowers)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My Little Princess

Nabila is going to be 6 years old this November. However she always looks n acts like a big girl. She is at the moment my right hand n my special aide at home. She is very helpful n always offer me help whenever she sees me tak menang tangan doing things. She is very considerate n always said ‘Mommy, is there anything that I can help u?’

Even when I am cooking or washing clothes, she still wants to help or get involve in it. She is an observation kind of person. Always ask why, how n what. Her favourite comments that she always gave me was ‘Why I always see only u doing all the things in this house? Why do u have to do all everything by yourself? I pitty u mommy’

Ooohh.. that thoughtful remarks melt my heart n all the tiredness n exhaustion vanished immediately. Unlike Hakeem my little hero who is very good at making a mess. Every time when I ask him to clean up, he always gave excuses – ‘I am tired mommy… or I want susu mommy… or Wait ok mommy, later I do ok…’

And Nabila who doesn’t like to see the untidiness toys all around the house, will start picking up n at the same time lecturing n scolding his brother like mak-mak. ‘Hakeem! Why do u always like to make a mess? Why every time u don’t want to clean up? Why it’s always me?’

Then she will start screaming for me.. ‘Mommy.. can u please tell Hakeem to clean up’. Well.. Hakeem the always Hakeem who buat dek je.. n like nothing happen around him, just ignore n pretend not to listen n continue watching TV.

My hubby used to say that sometimes Nabila acts n bebel like me.. It runs in the blood though! That’s my little princess. At the moment she’s the only girl around in the house. Nabila is always thoughtful n considerate not only to me but to others as well. I am proud of u Nabila.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Lunch Date

Today afternoon we gathered all the mak-mak n kids to have lunch at Kari Kepala Ikan Kg Pandan. It’s good to be together again except we missed our hubby n others usual colleagues. We really enjoyed the food n thanks to Oja kerana bertungkus lumus menghabiskan sisa2 kepala ikan hingga ke titisan terakhir!

It looked like we still wanted to continue hang out together, we then decided to lepak somewhere n we chose Great Eastern Mall. We let the kids played n enjoyed themselves at the kidsports & gym while moms cruised around the mall.

After almost four hours spent time together we then decided to make a move. I have to go up to Genting to send Nadira back home to her boarding. I was sad to have to say goodbye to Lyn as I will not be able to see her again maybe till her next home visit.

I guessed the happiest people at that moment were the kids – Rasyad, Haikal, Hakeem & Nabila, Aleesya & Nadira, Nadia.

They played n talked like there’s no tomorrow. I wish a safe journey to Lyn n kids back to Oman n Oja – we will definitely meet again!

The Test

From Ampang I then drove up to Genting to send Nadira. After hugged n kissed her goodbye I made a move. Unfortunately my car couldn’t start. I tried a few times but still didn’t work. I didn’t know what to do. I sat thinking in the car for any clue while looked around with the jungle surrounding me. I then saw one parents there with their daughter n approached them.

The husband tried to start the car but he seems not to know what to do either. We suspected it was because of the battery. I know there’s a car workshop at the junction of the school entrance. He n his wife then drove there to get the mechanic's help. The mechanic later then came to replace the new battery.

I bid farewell to Nadira n told her not to worry about me n Insyaalah I will be back home safely. On the way out I saw Nadira's teacher n stopped by to say hello to him. I winded down the window n had a few words with him. After goodbye, believe it or not I couldn’t wind up back the window. Get Nabila to helped me but still we couldn’t made the window goes up.

I guessed maybe it was something to do with the computerised settings that had gone haywire after the battery was out. We kept trying which at the same time I was driving n didn’t want to stop anywhere as it was getting darker. So I just kept driving with the annoying sound of loud bubbly air until we reached home.

As soon as I parked the car, I off n on the engine n tried again n again to roll down the window. I tried a few times but failed. I then decided to cross my finger n just leave the car with open window n will check it again tomorrow. Somehow for the last time I tried again n then managed to wind up the window. Oh.. Thank God. I quickly carried Hakeem out as he was sleeping n locked the car. What a big relieved.

When think about this, I was so frustrated as this was not suppose to happened as I just sent car for serviced a week ago n I bought the car for not even 6 months yet. Maybe I was just being so unlucky today. However I feel so grateful that it happened in front of my daughter’s boarding. I couldn’t imagine if my car were to break down in the middle of nowhere. So scary..

Though I had to pay RM343 for the new battery (lucky I had enough cash), I again thank to God that I n kids are safely home now. Today was such a long n hectic day for me. I reached home at 8.00pm. I planned to drop by at my sis-inlaw’s house as my mother inlaw came but I missed them as they were already back home to Malacca.

This is maybe just the beginning or part of situations that I have to learn to face. Especially when I am with kids n without my hubby around. Surprisingly I didn’t panic at all just now. I was so calm n not even jumped for my hubby or even my brothers (which I normally do) for help. I didn’t want my hubby to get worried as he is far away from me.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Total Solar Eclipse

Yesterday evening on my way down from Genting (fetched nadira for home visit) where I stopped by to buy lemang, my father called me. He told me that we will be having an eclipse (gerhana matahari) at 5.17pm. I looked at my watch n it was 4.10pm at that time. He told me that he will be going to the mosque to perform solat gerhana n asar.

All of us at that time were actually hungry n decided to stop by at Taman Melati for our meal. I was so busy eating (kelaparan as I forgot my lunch) n totally forgot about the eclipse things. I started driving back home which at that time was 5.45pm n I remembered about it n quickly looked up on the sky which of course confused n didn’t know what was I suppose to see.

At first I was looking for the sun, a bit difficult of course while driving. I then shouted to my kids to look n find the sun up there. We actually couldn’t see the sun shined but what we saw was a cloudy sky. The cloudy sky which looked like it’s gonna rain. Maybe that was the eclipse. Total solar eclipse.

When we almost reached the NKVE toll, then only we saw the bright sun shined above us. Yes! Maybe what I saw just now was the eclipse. Maybe I didn’t really see it because of our location n timing but at least I was able to witness the processed of it.

A total solar eclipse is when the moon passes in front of the sun and blocks it completely.

Have a look at this site n watch the video.

Friday, 1 August 2008


We are now in the month of August (8 months gone for the year of 2008). I have a long list of agendas n important dates for this month.

Two important people in my life will be celebrating birthdays. August is also the month my arwah mama passed away. I have wedding n engagement invitations. School exams n holiday will be coming too.

This month is also special because we mark the Sister’s Day n Friendship Day. To my friends n sis out there –you are always close to my heart.

We will also be celebrating our 51 Independence Day. Congratulations Malaysia – Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka.

And the most of all, I will be going away for two weeks sometimes next week to perform Umrah. At the moment I am busy preparing n listing down things to bring n to do. And I am also in the midst n process of membersih dan muhasabah my ownself.

Insyaalah may everything goes smooth as planned.