Thursday, 9 January 2014

Like a "Diva"

Throwback 2012: One of the 'excited perasan diva' moment I had!!

LOCATION: QCC, food court
TIME: 2nd sept, noon

Stranger: I think I've seen you somewhere in the magazine.

Me: Hah? (curious face..) I think you've got the wrong person. It cannot be.

Stranger: Yes.. I am very sure I've seen you. (pause for a while..) Oh yeah.. It was in the newspaper - The Week!

Me: Really?? (muka hidung kembang kuncup excited) Wah.. That was long time ago. Like a month back. Surprisingly you could recognize and remember my face.

Stranger: Of course I remember and recognize your face. The story was something about food and Ramadhan celebration.

Me: Yes.. It was about how our Malaysian celebrates Ramadhan. Thank you by the way for noticing me.

Perasaanku saat itu: Like a Diva babe.. Anyway this was me that appeared in The Week. It is actually a weekly newspaper that is quite famous and well known here in Oman.

Amazing kan mamat ni bole ingat muka akak.. Now akak tau macam mana perasaan Siti Nurhaliza, Fasha Sandha atau artis suam2 kuku tu.. Bila peminat dtg tegur deorang. Inikan pulak akak.. yang hanya sekali tu je muka keluar kat newspaper Oman.

Sesungguhnya akak rasa sangat terharu dan dihargai! Hahahaha.. Statement dah ala2 artis diva gitew. Anyway.. uolss baca post akak ni jgn ah hentam dan kutuk akak ala2 peminat kutuk Abby Abadi ye.. Akak ni saja je syok sendiri verangan..

Ye lah.. Hidup ni akan bosan kalau asyik nak serius je kan... Ok. Take care uollss.. Selepas insiden ini, muka akak kuar banyak kali gak ah lagi dlm newspaper Oman ni.. tapi takde lagi ah peminat mcm ni tegur akak… hehehhe.. Maybe kalau akak jadi cover page magazine kut baru ada yang notice. Anyway kalau ada lagi peminat kejar akak.. akak kasi tau lagi ye..

Ceria-ceria selalu.. Muah muah..

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Say NO to Jeans

I don’t remember when is the actual date but what I know is I’ve not worn jeans for more than a year. Wah.. Pecah rekod!!

What make me stop wearing it? Well.. One day when I was putting on my jeans, stood in front of the mirror.. I felt like a pumpkin. I felt so bloated. My butt was so huge and that peace of denim was just trying to cover it.

I suddenly lost my confident. I felt so ugly and old. I told myself, maybe this is it. This is the time that I should say good bye to my favorite denim pants. Jeans has been ‘a must’ in my wardrobes. I’ve worn jeans since I was small. I have all kind range of designs – boot cut? bell bottom? straight cut? low cut? skinny? jegging? Just name it and I had it all. I followed closely to all the designs so not to be left out.

Now I am more comfortable seeing myself in long skirts or non denim pants. Some say, you are what you are. Well.. Maybe I look more feminine or like makcik2 but that doesn’t mean that I am not cool.

Hey.. I still love and doing my outdoor activities. I can still climb the mountain without jeans. The most important thing is you yourself. Wear something that you like and feel confident in it.

I always check myself in the mirror before going out. This may seem vain, but if what I see don’t make me smile, then it’s not worth it. If you find yourself adjusting your clothing constantly, it’s obviously not something you’re comfy in. Doesn’t matter what it is, it needs to make you feel good when you see yourself!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

New year.. new day.. new chapter begins for the year of 2014. I had a wonderful year of 2013. I wish I could be more proactive in writing blog for the year of 2013 that I could share all the moments I had with all of you.

I don't have any resolutions as I never fulfill it! Everyday is my new day with my new resolution! Better that way I guess..

I hope this year will give me and my family happiness and prosperous. I want to see all my children success in their study and life.

To all of you - happy new year and may you always be blessed, healthy, happy and loved.

photo taken from my instagram