Tuesday, 14 June 2011


In a month time, I’ll be leaving Malaysia for good. Yes.. for good! My husband is now in Oman. He has been away from us for almost a year. So that’s the place where I will go and live – Muscat, Oman. Sounds familiar right?

I and my family have lived there for almost 5 years. That was 3 years ago. And here, our fate has been destined to be there again. I am at the moment excited as all of us family can be together but at the same time also worried as there are lots of things to do.

I haven’t started any packing yet. I am now slowly buying things especially “food stocks” to be brought there. I’ve list down (partly..) what to do and to bring. But still.. I am like taking my own sweet time and at the same time scolding myself for not doing anything.

I am also at the same time still busying with my daily routine. Every weekend are always occupied with activities. On the weekday’s time, there’s no way that I can do. But I know, one day I will be very kelam kabut when the date is getting closer.

As at my husband side, he is currently now preparing visa for us family and my maid. Yes.. alhamdullilah my maid is going with us as I can use her to assist me. When I reach there, piles of things and tasks are waiting to be done. House hunting, furniture, house hold and some more it’s Ramadhan. Gosh.. lots lots of things to do. Taknak fikir.. nanti sakit kepala!

As for now... I have to settle things over here and make sure everything go smooth. Insyaallah..

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hey... I Am Back..

Hello everybody. It has been a very long time that I’ve keep distance from my blog. Not that I’ve totally forgotten about it but it’s just a matter of finding the right time to reactivate it.

One of the reasons that I’ve been quiet coz hati ini dah merajuk. I found that some of my readers read my blog and use it to go against me. To me, people write a blog because for some reasons. And my reason here is to share my thoughts, experiences, stories and babbling which sometimes nonsense or amuse to some people.

There are so many blogs out there and bloggers write as they wish. Visiting and read blogs are just like we go to the Mall. You go to one shop to another looking for clothes, maybe. If you go to one particular shop and don’t like what you see, you just walk away right?

Same thing here, if you don’t like what I write – please.. do stop read and leave. As simple as that right? I am of course understood that not every one of my readers like what they read. Some found it like I am bragging, poyo or showing off. Or maybe some sees that my blog inspired and motivated them in whatever ways.

You have a choice. You like it – read and if you don’t – leave. But please don’t use whatever written here to shoot me down or probably stalk me :p. Tak baik kan... duk kepo2 hal orang pastu jaja cita yg bukan2. It’s not healthy tau..

Anyway, today I am finally here sitting in front of my lappy to write more and more exciting life of mine.

*for those my devoted readers - thank you so very much
*for those haters - "ada aku kesah" - dah rasa mcm celebrity lak ada fans and haters :P