Tuesday, 14 June 2011


In a month time, I’ll be leaving Malaysia for good. Yes.. for good! My husband is now in Oman. He has been away from us for almost a year. So that’s the place where I will go and live – Muscat, Oman. Sounds familiar right?

I and my family have lived there for almost 5 years. That was 3 years ago. And here, our fate has been destined to be there again. I am at the moment excited as all of us family can be together but at the same time also worried as there are lots of things to do.

I haven’t started any packing yet. I am now slowly buying things especially “food stocks” to be brought there. I’ve list down (partly..) what to do and to bring. But still.. I am like taking my own sweet time and at the same time scolding myself for not doing anything.

I am also at the same time still busying with my daily routine. Every weekend are always occupied with activities. On the weekday’s time, there’s no way that I can do. But I know, one day I will be very kelam kabut when the date is getting closer.

As at my husband side, he is currently now preparing visa for us family and my maid. Yes.. alhamdullilah my maid is going with us as I can use her to assist me. When I reach there, piles of things and tasks are waiting to be done. House hunting, furniture, house hold and some more it’s Ramadhan. Gosh.. lots lots of things to do. Taknak fikir.. nanti sakit kepala!

As for now... I have to settle things over here and make sure everything go smooth. Insyaallah..


Rina NAR said...

hi kak.....finally i got the chance to read ur update. Yeah moving from one place to another mmg lah hassle apa lagi moving from one country to anthr phewww....rilex ya take 1 thing at a time...speaking of moving, my family & i will b moving to KL too...hubby venture anothr business in KL. He's already there for a few months. Now tgh pening jugak pikir - house hunting, schls ...etc...but hoping both of us can settle down in a smooth sailing. U take care kak, hope to hear from you soon :)

Anonymous said...

wow.glad to hear that u are moving back to Oman..