Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Marhab.. from Muscat, Oman

Marhab... here I am back again to Muscat, Oman. I and my family were safely arrived 4 days ago. This time I came not for a holiday but to LIVE here. This time around when I come, it is of course with different expectations. I still remember, six years ago when I first time arrived here, with my two small babies with me, everything was so new and I was like in the middle of nowhere.

I know nobody and everything I have to do on my own. When I think of it, I thankful as it gave me a tremendous experience, colourful journey in my life and how to survive in a different part of the world. And now after three years I left, again I and my family has been destined to be here. Maybe Allah has reason why He wants us to be here J

So this time, I come like an army who is ready to face the battle!! I don’t need a dummy book on “how to survive in Oman” or probably a “dictionary” on how to face the people here! Hahahahha... Frankly I was really looking forward when hubby got called to Oman. I was excited to be here again.

Anyway... since the day I arrived, my days were occupied with lots of tasks. As for now, the progress so far is so good. It goes well as expected. My children have got their school placement here. My maid’s visa and ours are now in processed in getting our residence card here. I am getting my car tomorrow – wooootsss..

As for now, we are still transit at the hotel apartment here. This is the one thing that still pending as I am still hunting for a house. This time around, I plan to find a good spacious house. I am targeting to move and settle down before Ramadhan.

I’ve viewed a few houses and still not found one that I like. Well.. hope later today or tomorrow, I’ll hook to one that I see! I hope all my plans progress well. The weather now too seems to be kind to us, it was not hot anymore like the first day we arrived.

I and my family are looking forward to our new journey and life chapter here. Till then cheers and I will update more!

p/s: the picture was taken before we departed, at our house in Shah Alam

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jejakjejakperantau said...

salam, how r u doin? wah dah back to oman... but now a lot of new people so it'll be like a whole new experience for u...so all the best to u n family... dont forget to check out my blog too www.jejakjejakperantau.blogspot.com