Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ride On Rock

As for now, we are still not getting a house that we like. Well.. of course there are a lot but the one that we like are the one that way way out of our budget. House rental here is so expensive. For a normal one room flat/apartment cost around 350riyal which around RM3k! So for a house or they called villa, 4-5 bedrooms will cost from 800riyal depends on the location.

We are actually in the midst of negotiating one villa. I am still waiting for the agent to come back to us. I really hope this will pull through so that we can move before Ramadhan. Ramadhan is just a week away.

Anyway.. while in the stress of not finding a house, my life activities continue as norm. Yes.. and it’s cycling! I got hooked into this new ‘hobby’ during my last visit here. Hubby has started since he was here. We actually always wanted and planned to do this even while back in Malaysia. And now.. with all the extra time we have here, and the interesting place to cycle – here I am, my weekends activity.

Yesterday and today, we went to a place name Al Amerat. Though I have not cycling for couple months, I still got the “umphh” and masih bertahan. We spent almost two hours there, went around the dirt roads, and mountains. It’s very challenging and tiring but I am so satisfied once it’s over.

Well.. here are some pictures taken. Enjoy it!

Today's cycling..

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