Friday, 29 July 2011

Mutrah Wet Market

Since I came here, I mormally did my groceries at one of the famous hypermarket here name LULU. Besides chicken and vegetables, fish also are quite variety and fresh. Anyway today I decided to go to the wet market which located at Mutrah, near the Mina Qaboos port which is about half hour drive from my place.

Since today is weekend, I went out quite early to avoid the crowd and traffic. At first I was surprise as the usual place where I used to go was empty. They are doing some upgrading and renovation. All I could see was just a section for vegetables.

Probably looking lost, one of the Omani there told me that the fish section has moved to the next building which was not far from the vegetable section. As usual.. I always feel excited every time goes to market. I love seeing fresh fishes, prawns and more. Over here they sell variety of fish that we back in Malaysia don’t eat.

I just walked around looking for the familiar fish that I use to buy. At this moment tengah musim ikan kembong/termenung. It is so fresh. Best kalau buat laksa... When asked for the price – it’s 4 pieces or OM1riyal or 5pieces for 1OMriyal depends on the sizes. Tak main timbang2 ni... Since mahal, cancel laksa! Hehehhe.. So I just bought the medium size which is 4pieces for OM1riyal.

I also bought crabs! 1kg for OM3riyal. Ni mmg takleh kurang langsung. It’s normal kalau weekend, eksen pakcik2 jual ikan ni.. Either you take it or you walk away. Anyway I bought a few types of fish, some crabs and prawns.

Done with the fish.. tour at the vegetable section. What I love most is the kurma. During summer memang musim.. The kurma is so fresh and sweet. There are many types depends on the range. The more expensive, the more it tastes nice.

So today, our lunch memang best!! I cooked sweet sour ikan kerapu, ketam goring and terung masa black pepper. Yuuummmyyy...

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