Friday, 30 January 2009

Guilty Again

This is always happens to me! Bak kata pepatah melayu – dah terhantuk baru tergadah. And when this guiltiness feeling came inside me, I then started to be anxious. I started to be worried n non-stop standing in front of the mirror. To make it worst, my pants that I wore seems to be so skin-tight n revealed those spare tyres. Argghhhh….

I love to go to the gym, doing exercise. I love doing all those as much as I love to eat as well. I love to cook. I love to taste all kind of foods n sometimes can’t resist the temptation of not eating it. I sometimes can be so so strict to myself n go by my rules of restriction towards temptations of the food. In the other way round I can also be so so lenient that I can eat like there is no tomorrow.

I didn’t put any goal when doing exercise as I don’t want to pressure myself. I told myself to do it as one of my routine. Do it because it is good for my health n at the same time it can maintain my body. And if I were to loose weight it is a bonus for me. This is how I developed the enthusiasm within myself about doing exercise.

I am not into sports during my schooldays. I always make an excuse to go for a jogging or anything to do with outdoor activities. I started to like exercise when going to the gym. I feel the place is more privacy n secure. Back in Oman they have a session for woman to use the gym (this is where I started my gym exercise). When I came back here, after looking around luckily I found a gym for ladies.

I go to the gym whenever I go out sending kids to school. If it is a school holiday, I don’t go out from the house then I won’t be going to the gym. If the school holiday is 2 weeks, then 2 weeks I will be off from the gym. Then plus if my hubby is around or I am out of town balik kampong it can goes up to a month my off gym session.

Huh… sounds very so discouraging. This New Year of 2009 till to date, plus minus I think I only go to the gym for 10 days. 10days work out minus 21days leisure eating = Ms Flabby. After having a hard thinking on this, about how undisciplined I am and how the new spare tyres developed I determine to do something. Wah.. berkobar-kobar semangat.

Yesterday morning I started to jog around my house. I learned to appreciate the fresh air cooling morning. I jogged till sweat which at the end it made me felt so good. I did again in the evening n also this morning. Now I cannot have an excuse. If I don’t go to the gym I can still jog around my house.

I hope my semangat berkobar-kobar ini berkekalan….

Safely Home And Settled

I’ve already back to my home last Wednesday. It took 4 hours journey from Alor Setar to Shah Alam as the traffic was very smooth. I felt relieved n good to be home especially the children. After a short nap n rest I went out sending my car for washed. Just couldn’t stand the dirty look of my baby.

The next morning which was yesterday, me n Faizah went to MARA office to settle her matters. Today we went there again n finally all are done n settled. So starting tomorrow (tonight actually) is the shopping time…

We plan to go around buying clothes n others that needed for her to bring to Tasmania. Hmm… bab ni memang kegemaran we all!!

Hubby will be back on 11th Feb n he at least has 3 days to be around with Faizah before she leaves us. We plan to make kenduri doa selamat for her.

Till then, I will be busy as usual with my daily routine.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Fun Day Out

Today is my dearest cousin, Kak Yan birthday. She turns 50 years old. I met her this morning bringing a bouquet of flowers n special cupcake that I made for her all the way from Shah Alam.

In the evening I treated her, my bro n cousin at the Secret Recipe. Later on Nabila wanted to buy books but most of the shops there including Popular book store were closed as everybody was rushing for their big CNY dinner tonight.

So we headed up to the top floor which located the arcade game. They have a small karaoke room that enough for 4 people to fit in which charge RM1 per song. Piqah&Nadira took one room n the rest another room. So apa lagi.. melalak lah kita orang..

When browsed thru the songs list I found my favourite song – Meet Uncle Hussein that won the AJL recently. Hahahahha… Mcm nak tercabut anak tekak menjerit with my bro! I wonder how that small size body singer can sing this high pitch song.

Ohh.. the screaming at the top of my lungs made me felt so good. I had fun today with my bro n cousins. Even Nabila n Hakeem too were enjoying themselves especially when each of them got the toy from Pak Su Boy.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Balik Kampung Trip

I had safely arrived at Alor Setar around 4.00pm. It took me 7 hours of my journey. I departed from the house at 9.00am. I was supposed to convoy with my brothers but for some reasons they cancelled their trip back so I was a lone ranger with my children.

I was actually plan to go out from my house as early as 7am (biasa lah.. due to the enthusiasm n excitement of balik kampong) and because of some ‘technical problem’ the journey has been delayed. First I just noticed that I only have RM50 in my purse. I wanted to fill up petrol n pump the tires last night but it couldn’t be done coz I was so damn tired.

Then this morning my children were having a difficulty to get up. So I went out first to fill up petrol, pump tires, cash out money from ATM machine n bought breakfast. At the end I left the house at 9.00am.

As expected there were many cars n the traffic was quite slow. At some area it was so jammed n bumper to bumper traffic. But alhamdullilah I finally reached Alor Setar n so delighted to see my dad.

So tonight.. hmm.. as usual.. dinner at Nasi Royale… Hmmm…. Memang sedap.. huh.. tak payah cita lah..meleleh ayaq liuq nanti! :)

Friday, 23 January 2009

CNY Celebration Concert

Today is the day that Nabila n Hakeem were looking forward. As for Nabila today is her performance in the concert n where else Hakeem just can’t wait to put on his CNY costume. Both of them woke up earlier than usual with a big smile n excitement.

Nabila performed a Chinese fan dancing. She looked so lovely together with her friends. They danced smoothly n perfectly. I really enjoyed her show n from other classes as well.

The concert ended with a lion dance performance. The real lion dance!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I’ve been a bit busy n tight up with few things in my hands. My grandmother has passed away last Sunday. I spent half day Sunday at the mosque n another half day at the Mall looking Chinese New Year costume for my children.

Then on Monday I was busy with Faizah settling her matters for Monash University registration. It continued till today.

This evening we received good news that Faizah has been offered to go to University Tasmania, Australia instead. We were all very happy n excited for her. Congratulations dear.

Alhamdullilah, finally her dreams come true. So after these makin busy lah mommy.. accompany n assisting her to settle for UTAS registration. I don’t mind actually coz after this I will surely miss her company. My chatty partner..

By the way Nadira has created a new blog - the 4th one. When asked she said, she kept forgetting all the passwords. So she promised that this will be her last n permanent one. Well.. I hope so. Keep it up girl.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Football Fever

Yeah.. we are having a football fever at my house here. Not the football match on the TV but Hakeem who is now just go crazy over football. Last two weeks I bought him a ball. A plastic ball actually. Well I thought, he is just 5yrs old n might not be able to understand or differentiate kind of ball he is playing with.

I was wrong indeed. He was complaining that the ball doesn’t look real n it’s difficult to kick it. I told him just tried n play with it first. So he played with that plastic ball until one day after he came back from school the ball popped. I guess it was because he put it outside under the sun.

Last Wednesday I bought a new ball for him. A real ball! Hakeem is so happy. Everyday he will ask Nabila n Deea to play football with him. The thing is, every time when Hakeem wants to play football he must be fully attired like a real footballer.

Here are some pictures taken this morning. He insisted me to stay outside n watch him playing football. If I were to turn my head somewhere else, he will scream at me – ‘Mommy u didn’t look at me playing football!’. So this whole morning I am a big fan of my children standing n hooray hooray clapping hands giving them support.

Friday, 16 January 2009

My Grandmother

My grandmother is 84 years old n she is now gravely ill. She goes for a dialysis treatment twice a week n last two days she was shivering cold n weak. I got call yesterday from my father about this n he came down to KL last night.

Honestly I am not close to my grandmother who is my dad’s mom. I call her WE (pronounce as where). I am the eldest grand daughter n sadly I don’t have any childhood memories with her. We hardly meet n talk. The last time I visited her was a month ago. She was very healthy n chatted lively at that time.

Yesterday I went to visit her at the University Hospital. She is at the Urology Ward. I saw her lying on the bed unconsciously with wires around her n breath using a life support machine. She looked so small n tiny. My heart went out to her the moment I saw this.

The doctor told that chances of her recovery are thin. I guess all her children (my aunt, uncle) accepted the news calmly. She has been sick n suffering for so long.

I will never stop praying for her. May Allah choose what is best for my grandmother.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My Passion

I love baking. I just love baking. I’ve started baking since I was 13 years old. My first cake was a marble cake. Since then I never stop baking. During hari raya I was like the cake supplier around my neighbourhood. My mom’s friend n relatives used to order from me the Orange Cake. My special orange cake! At that time I felt so proud of myself. Extra pocket money for me.

Then I started to experiment all types of baking from cakes, cookies, bread n other food. My mom is my inspiration. I always see her at the kitchen all the time when I was small. Though she was busy working at the office but she always made sure n had time cooked for me n my brothers. I don’t know where she learned all the cooking but she always cooked special meal for us.

She was so good in cooking from Western to local cuisines. During raya time, she made thousands cookies. All requested from her loyal customers. Her best one was pineapple tart. To me, she was a superwoman. We didn’t have any helper at that time but she managed to do all these. Working 8-4, cooking n even baked cookies, cakes.

Talking about these made me missed her so much. I missed her cooking n everything about her. My mom, my idol n inspiration. I guess now all my passion in cooking n baking comes from her.

I am glad that now I have a big spacious kitchen equipped with oven. I still remember I used to bake in the round oven, then oven that come together with stove then my small square oven that I got free from my bonus link point. Even that I was able to come out with lots super delicious food!

Since I started moving to the new house, I really made use the new oven that I bought. Kalau bole bercakap oven tu.. dah lama menangis.. Currently I am busy preparing ‘something’ for my new little project. For those who are curious.. tunggu.. hehehhhe..

Meanwhile.. enjoy the picture of my new skill in cuppies.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Missing Items

When I started moving to new house n settled, I am back to my routine cooking n baking. On n on I realized when I wanted to use certain kitchen appliances, tools n I couldn’t find it. I sometimes sat for an hour thinking where are all my things gone.

I couldn’t find my big pot, food warmer, cooler box, baking tools n lots more. I got so frustrated. These are the items, my treasure that I bought n couldn’t be found in Malaysia. Those were from my ‘gaji’ given by my hubby.

I suspected those were missing during the packing n moving from Oman to Malaysia. When I received boxes, I’ve checked n received those according to the list. Nothing was missing according to the number in the list.

So where could it be? I don’t think those mover people back in Oman would interested to those kitchen items. But who knows? I am very certain that I’ve packed those in the boxes. I suspected those box might not be labelled or numbered. So when reach at the storage area they couldn’t figure out it belong to whom.

When we moved from KL to Miri, we lost our hi-fi system. It was taken from the box itself. The hi-fi was packed together with VCD player. The weird part was the hi-fi was gone but the box looked like it was not being opened at all.

After interrogation with the mover company we managed to get the replacement back in cash. But for this case, I guess it will be a gone case. I think I’ve lost 3 boxes. I’ve no proof to make a report n after all it has been almost a year.

So now I just like menangisi mengenangkan harta benda kesayangan yg tak tau sesat ke mana…

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Busy Saturday

Last night I made a stimbot dinner at home. Mak n Faizah came n we invited Along n family to join us. It was overwhelming to see crowds in the house except we miss hubby n wish that he was around too. So to make him join us virtually, Faizah got the notebook n hooked the web cam n all of us ate n chatted with him. Thanks to this technology!

This morning I, Mak n Faizah went to the Taylor’s University College to attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony. Faizah has been awarded as one of the Taylor’s top achievers. Well done girl. We are really proud of u. Now she is having her leisure holiday while waiting for the course to start.

While in the evening I have my father coming around to the house. I took him out for a dinner at our favourite Thai Restaurant. Hakeem is so excited to see his Tok Ayah.

There goes my busy whole Saturday. Tomorrow I just plan to stay at home n start venturing with my new ‘little project’.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hakeem With His New Friend

Hakeem got a new friend from the neighbourhood. His is a 6 years old malay boy name Gabriel. Gabriel popped up in front of our house yesterday evening while Hakeem was playing outside. Hakeem then called me introduced that he is his new friend. Hakeem asked my permission whether he can bring Gabriel up to his room to show his toys.

Wah.. I guess Hakeem never had a friend coming over to the house n that’s why he was a bit ‘ciwi’. Later then I heard them playing, laughing n running here n there. After 20min, Hakeem suddenly cried came to me complaint about Gabriel.

He said crying: ‘Mommy… Gabriel was so rude. He called me looser’. When asked why n whether he did something to his friend, Hakeem said nothing n they were playing bicycle. I told him just to ignore the boy. He then still not satisfied, I heard told Nadira about this.

Later then he came to me said ‘Mommy.. Kak Deea already told Gabriel not to be rude to me. Kak Deea said, don’t say that to my little brother. Then I asked Kak Deea to tell Gabriel not to come here anymore’ I smiled when I heard this.

During night time before sleeping Hakeem was asking about Gabriel. He said that he likes to be friend with Gabriel. Hehehehhhehe. I knew he gonna say this. I told Hakeem the next time if your friend come around, be nice to him. Don’t cry like a small baby. You are a tough boy.

And today, after came back from school Hakeem waited for Gabriel to come. After awhile Gabriel came n Hakeem was very happy. But then again, after 10min I heard Hakeem was shouting n crying complaining something to Gabriel. When asked, it’s because they were playing hide & seek n Nabila n Gabriel were gang up n shocked him by shouting behind his back.

That is Hakeem, my boy. My boy who is sometimes too spoilt being the youngest. He loves to play ‘fighting-fighting’ with his sisters to be the power rangers or warriors. But when comes to the real world, he always gave in to the opponents. It is not because he is afraid or weak but because he just being too considerate n doesn’t has heart to hurt others.

That’s why he always be the victim which on the other hand is not good for him. At school, he is known as the most considerate boy in the class. He always gives in n share things with the classmate. I am sure from the values that he learned, he will grown up to be a respectable person n of course nobody can bully him.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Miss 'Mac Gyver'

My maid was trying to be Mac Gyver which at the end up put all of us into trouble. Rasa mcm nak sepuk je dia! Just now she told me that the pipe that connects to the washing machine was leaking. I asked her how long this happened. She told me – udah lama buk….

I asked her when the people came to install the washing machine (I was not around) did u check that the water was leaking. She told me that it was fine at that time. I know this happened because she didn’t turn off the pipe after use. Because of the water pressure in my house is strong, it kept forcing the pipe head till it got loose n water dripping.

After a few minutes looked at the pipe connection n figured out what to do, I unscrewed the connection. I took out the water filter which attached to the pipe (given free by the w/machine ppl) as it was already dirty. Then I tried to connect it back to the pipe.

Guess what? I spent there for almost ½ hour – standing, sitting, squatting with my hubby tool box around me like pro.. kena ah tunjuk pro depan maid! Unscrewed, screwed, tested here n there BUT the water still dripping n it became worst as it burst out from the connection.

Bloody hell!! I felt like to cry. Why all these happened when I don’t have my man around! I told n scold my maid – kenapa baru sekarang kamu cakap benda ni bocor? Kenapa masa bapak ada tak cakap? Huh???

She just kept quite n showed her guilty face. I don’t know what to do anymore. I told her to clean up everything n will fix it later. Cewah… condident je. Which till now I am still thinking what to do. I know this thing is very simple. It is just my brain that cannot work to solve this simple one.

I will try again later in the evening.. And I hope so that I can solve it.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Back To Routine

After a long lazy break, my children start their school today. These past few days I’ve been telling Nabila n Hakeem that school will start today n they have to start sleep early. But for these past few days we were busy in n out n their sleeping time still late at night.

Faizah n my niece (Fify) were here last weekend. We were busy patronized from one Mall to another.. hehehhee.. Maklumlah bawa pelancung.. I did have a good time with them. We had a good time shopping, wandering n watching movies. My dad was here too as well.

Yesterday morning, our Sunday started by one by one left us. All of them went back n left me n the kids. The house is so quiet. I was just watching TV n lying on the couch waiting for the night to come.

This morning, all of us woke up with the new spirit. Nadira (surprisingly) woke up at 5.45am n got ready early n had her breakfast. Her transport came at 6.45am. Later then Nabila n Hakeem also woke up happily – no grumpy n crying. They were so excited to go to school to meet their friends.

When I sent them to school today, they just ran to their friends without turning back to say good bye to me! A happy day for both of them.

I cancelled my gym session today as I have to do a long list of groceries. I plan to start tomorrow morning. So there goes back my daily routine life.

Friday, 2 January 2009

A Trip To Veterinary

This morning I brought Nadira n the pet – SNOWE to the Vet. We discovered Snowe the rabbit was not being active n quiet which he usually not. He was like this since 2 days ago. I decided to take him to see the doctor after a ‘brain storming’ discussion, theory between me n children (who seems to know better).

After registered at the counter Snowe’s name is been called. This was actually my first time being to any animal clinic. Sorry.. which I think it was so funny n interesting. The doctor treated n examined the rabbit just like normal doctor does. Check his ears, nose, teeth n asked lots of questions which for Nadira to answer.

So after 5 minutes through, the doctor said the rabbit was fine n not having any fever. We will know that if he is having a fever if the tip of his ears is hot. The doctor said the rabbit is having a breakdown n stress period. Oh my God.. I can’t believe my ears when I heard this. I was about to laugh out but due to the respect n sanity to the doctor I just kept my mouth shut.

According to the doctor, since we just got the pet n it’s normal for any animal to have this kind of feelings. Snowe is used to his environment before n now just realized n trying adjusting into his new place. And that’s why he is so down, quiet n gloomy. The doctor kept repeating the word STRESS. Yes…. Doc, the rabbit is having a stress!

The doctor gave us a bottle of booster which to be given daily. This is to boost n enhance his body system. I was not really into this pet thingy but when looked at all my children from Faizah to Hakeem who were really concern, it’s proven that they are such a caring person. They were the one who worried more about SNOWE. They love the animal so much.

We just hope that Snowe will get over his stress period n active as normal.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Welcome 2009 n Happy New Year to everybody. Last night the residence association in my neighbourhood organized the informal get together for the New Year count down. I went there with my children n sister in-law family.

Around my house there is a spot where u can see the part of Klang Valley even the KLCC. So exactly 12 midnight we saw a row of fireworks blasting in the sky. We saw more than 10 fireworks. I guessed some were from KLCC, Dataran Merdeka, One Utama n even at Genting Highland.

Though we were able to see the fireworks from far n small but we still enjoyed the night. They were lots of food including satay, nasi lemak, kuetiaw kerang, cakes n lots more from the neighbours to celebrate the night. Unfortunately there was no firework heard n seeing in Shah Alam area. I wonder why..

No resolutions for me for the new year of 2009 except wishes n prayers. I wish n pray to Allah to give me happiness in my life. Please give me a good excellent health. I pray that my hubby n children will always be blessed n protected by Him. I pray that all my children will succeed in their study n life.

I hope the year of 2009 promise me n my family joyous n prosperous. Happy New Year.