Monday, 12 January 2009

Missing Items

When I started moving to new house n settled, I am back to my routine cooking n baking. On n on I realized when I wanted to use certain kitchen appliances, tools n I couldn’t find it. I sometimes sat for an hour thinking where are all my things gone.

I couldn’t find my big pot, food warmer, cooler box, baking tools n lots more. I got so frustrated. These are the items, my treasure that I bought n couldn’t be found in Malaysia. Those were from my ‘gaji’ given by my hubby.

I suspected those were missing during the packing n moving from Oman to Malaysia. When I received boxes, I’ve checked n received those according to the list. Nothing was missing according to the number in the list.

So where could it be? I don’t think those mover people back in Oman would interested to those kitchen items. But who knows? I am very certain that I’ve packed those in the boxes. I suspected those box might not be labelled or numbered. So when reach at the storage area they couldn’t figure out it belong to whom.

When we moved from KL to Miri, we lost our hi-fi system. It was taken from the box itself. The hi-fi was packed together with VCD player. The weird part was the hi-fi was gone but the box looked like it was not being opened at all.

After interrogation with the mover company we managed to get the replacement back in cash. But for this case, I guess it will be a gone case. I think I’ve lost 3 boxes. I’ve no proof to make a report n after all it has been almost a year.

So now I just like menangisi mengenangkan harta benda kesayangan yg tak tau sesat ke mana…

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My corner said...

Allah...kesiannye dia...ada apa2 nak pesan dari ramez...oja nak balik ni..