Friday, 30 January 2009

Guilty Again

This is always happens to me! Bak kata pepatah melayu – dah terhantuk baru tergadah. And when this guiltiness feeling came inside me, I then started to be anxious. I started to be worried n non-stop standing in front of the mirror. To make it worst, my pants that I wore seems to be so skin-tight n revealed those spare tyres. Argghhhh….

I love to go to the gym, doing exercise. I love doing all those as much as I love to eat as well. I love to cook. I love to taste all kind of foods n sometimes can’t resist the temptation of not eating it. I sometimes can be so so strict to myself n go by my rules of restriction towards temptations of the food. In the other way round I can also be so so lenient that I can eat like there is no tomorrow.

I didn’t put any goal when doing exercise as I don’t want to pressure myself. I told myself to do it as one of my routine. Do it because it is good for my health n at the same time it can maintain my body. And if I were to loose weight it is a bonus for me. This is how I developed the enthusiasm within myself about doing exercise.

I am not into sports during my schooldays. I always make an excuse to go for a jogging or anything to do with outdoor activities. I started to like exercise when going to the gym. I feel the place is more privacy n secure. Back in Oman they have a session for woman to use the gym (this is where I started my gym exercise). When I came back here, after looking around luckily I found a gym for ladies.

I go to the gym whenever I go out sending kids to school. If it is a school holiday, I don’t go out from the house then I won’t be going to the gym. If the school holiday is 2 weeks, then 2 weeks I will be off from the gym. Then plus if my hubby is around or I am out of town balik kampong it can goes up to a month my off gym session.

Huh… sounds very so discouraging. This New Year of 2009 till to date, plus minus I think I only go to the gym for 10 days. 10days work out minus 21days leisure eating = Ms Flabby. After having a hard thinking on this, about how undisciplined I am and how the new spare tyres developed I determine to do something. Wah.. berkobar-kobar semangat.

Yesterday morning I started to jog around my house. I learned to appreciate the fresh air cooling morning. I jogged till sweat which at the end it made me felt so good. I did again in the evening n also this morning. Now I cannot have an excuse. If I don’t go to the gym I can still jog around my house.

I hope my semangat berkobar-kobar ini berkekalan….

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