Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hakeem With His New Friend

Hakeem got a new friend from the neighbourhood. His is a 6 years old malay boy name Gabriel. Gabriel popped up in front of our house yesterday evening while Hakeem was playing outside. Hakeem then called me introduced that he is his new friend. Hakeem asked my permission whether he can bring Gabriel up to his room to show his toys.

Wah.. I guess Hakeem never had a friend coming over to the house n that’s why he was a bit ‘ciwi’. Later then I heard them playing, laughing n running here n there. After 20min, Hakeem suddenly cried came to me complaint about Gabriel.

He said crying: ‘Mommy… Gabriel was so rude. He called me looser’. When asked why n whether he did something to his friend, Hakeem said nothing n they were playing bicycle. I told him just to ignore the boy. He then still not satisfied, I heard told Nadira about this.

Later then he came to me said ‘Mommy.. Kak Deea already told Gabriel not to be rude to me. Kak Deea said, don’t say that to my little brother. Then I asked Kak Deea to tell Gabriel not to come here anymore’ I smiled when I heard this.

During night time before sleeping Hakeem was asking about Gabriel. He said that he likes to be friend with Gabriel. Hehehehhhehe. I knew he gonna say this. I told Hakeem the next time if your friend come around, be nice to him. Don’t cry like a small baby. You are a tough boy.

And today, after came back from school Hakeem waited for Gabriel to come. After awhile Gabriel came n Hakeem was very happy. But then again, after 10min I heard Hakeem was shouting n crying complaining something to Gabriel. When asked, it’s because they were playing hide & seek n Nabila n Gabriel were gang up n shocked him by shouting behind his back.

That is Hakeem, my boy. My boy who is sometimes too spoilt being the youngest. He loves to play ‘fighting-fighting’ with his sisters to be the power rangers or warriors. But when comes to the real world, he always gave in to the opponents. It is not because he is afraid or weak but because he just being too considerate n doesn’t has heart to hurt others.

That’s why he always be the victim which on the other hand is not good for him. At school, he is known as the most considerate boy in the class. He always gives in n share things with the classmate. I am sure from the values that he learned, he will grown up to be a respectable person n of course nobody can bully him.

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