Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Miss 'Mac Gyver'

My maid was trying to be Mac Gyver which at the end up put all of us into trouble. Rasa mcm nak sepuk je dia! Just now she told me that the pipe that connects to the washing machine was leaking. I asked her how long this happened. She told me – udah lama buk….

I asked her when the people came to install the washing machine (I was not around) did u check that the water was leaking. She told me that it was fine at that time. I know this happened because she didn’t turn off the pipe after use. Because of the water pressure in my house is strong, it kept forcing the pipe head till it got loose n water dripping.

After a few minutes looked at the pipe connection n figured out what to do, I unscrewed the connection. I took out the water filter which attached to the pipe (given free by the w/machine ppl) as it was already dirty. Then I tried to connect it back to the pipe.

Guess what? I spent there for almost ½ hour – standing, sitting, squatting with my hubby tool box around me like pro.. kena ah tunjuk pro depan maid! Unscrewed, screwed, tested here n there BUT the water still dripping n it became worst as it burst out from the connection.

Bloody hell!! I felt like to cry. Why all these happened when I don’t have my man around! I told n scold my maid – kenapa baru sekarang kamu cakap benda ni bocor? Kenapa masa bapak ada tak cakap? Huh???

She just kept quite n showed her guilty face. I don’t know what to do anymore. I told her to clean up everything n will fix it later. Cewah… condident je. Which till now I am still thinking what to do. I know this thing is very simple. It is just my brain that cannot work to solve this simple one.

I will try again later in the evening.. And I hope so that I can solve it.


fify_alisara89 said...

sabar je lah mak lang..

My corner said...

Takpelah k intan..ada hikmahnye..pasni mungkin dah takyah panggil plumber...hehehe..sabar yek