Friday, 2 January 2009

A Trip To Veterinary

This morning I brought Nadira n the pet – SNOWE to the Vet. We discovered Snowe the rabbit was not being active n quiet which he usually not. He was like this since 2 days ago. I decided to take him to see the doctor after a ‘brain storming’ discussion, theory between me n children (who seems to know better).

After registered at the counter Snowe’s name is been called. This was actually my first time being to any animal clinic. Sorry.. which I think it was so funny n interesting. The doctor treated n examined the rabbit just like normal doctor does. Check his ears, nose, teeth n asked lots of questions which for Nadira to answer.

So after 5 minutes through, the doctor said the rabbit was fine n not having any fever. We will know that if he is having a fever if the tip of his ears is hot. The doctor said the rabbit is having a breakdown n stress period. Oh my God.. I can’t believe my ears when I heard this. I was about to laugh out but due to the respect n sanity to the doctor I just kept my mouth shut.

According to the doctor, since we just got the pet n it’s normal for any animal to have this kind of feelings. Snowe is used to his environment before n now just realized n trying adjusting into his new place. And that’s why he is so down, quiet n gloomy. The doctor kept repeating the word STRESS. Yes…. Doc, the rabbit is having a stress!

The doctor gave us a bottle of booster which to be given daily. This is to boost n enhance his body system. I was not really into this pet thingy but when looked at all my children from Faizah to Hakeem who were really concern, it’s proven that they are such a caring person. They were the one who worried more about SNOWE. They love the animal so much.

We just hope that Snowe will get over his stress period n active as normal.

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Mum and Roses said...

Snowe must be so stressed up since Emir forced feed him the whole carrot for the whole hour on the new year... kesian Snowe