Friday, 30 January 2009

Safely Home And Settled

I’ve already back to my home last Wednesday. It took 4 hours journey from Alor Setar to Shah Alam as the traffic was very smooth. I felt relieved n good to be home especially the children. After a short nap n rest I went out sending my car for washed. Just couldn’t stand the dirty look of my baby.

The next morning which was yesterday, me n Faizah went to MARA office to settle her matters. Today we went there again n finally all are done n settled. So starting tomorrow (tonight actually) is the shopping time…

We plan to go around buying clothes n others that needed for her to bring to Tasmania. Hmm… bab ni memang kegemaran we all!!

Hubby will be back on 11th Feb n he at least has 3 days to be around with Faizah before she leaves us. We plan to make kenduri doa selamat for her.

Till then, I will be busy as usual with my daily routine.

1 comment:

Abdul Q said...

toksah beli2 baju sejuk semua ok. semua beli sana je. haha. congrats faizah!