Saturday, 24 January 2009

Balik Kampung Trip

I had safely arrived at Alor Setar around 4.00pm. It took me 7 hours of my journey. I departed from the house at 9.00am. I was supposed to convoy with my brothers but for some reasons they cancelled their trip back so I was a lone ranger with my children.

I was actually plan to go out from my house as early as 7am (biasa lah.. due to the enthusiasm n excitement of balik kampong) and because of some ‘technical problem’ the journey has been delayed. First I just noticed that I only have RM50 in my purse. I wanted to fill up petrol n pump the tires last night but it couldn’t be done coz I was so damn tired.

Then this morning my children were having a difficulty to get up. So I went out first to fill up petrol, pump tires, cash out money from ATM machine n bought breakfast. At the end I left the house at 9.00am.

As expected there were many cars n the traffic was quite slow. At some area it was so jammed n bumper to bumper traffic. But alhamdullilah I finally reached Alor Setar n so delighted to see my dad.

So tonight.. hmm.. as usual.. dinner at Nasi Royale… Hmmm…. Memang sedap.. huh.. tak payah cita lah..meleleh ayaq liuq nanti! :)

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