Friday, 16 January 2009

My Grandmother

My grandmother is 84 years old n she is now gravely ill. She goes for a dialysis treatment twice a week n last two days she was shivering cold n weak. I got call yesterday from my father about this n he came down to KL last night.

Honestly I am not close to my grandmother who is my dad’s mom. I call her WE (pronounce as where). I am the eldest grand daughter n sadly I don’t have any childhood memories with her. We hardly meet n talk. The last time I visited her was a month ago. She was very healthy n chatted lively at that time.

Yesterday I went to visit her at the University Hospital. She is at the Urology Ward. I saw her lying on the bed unconsciously with wires around her n breath using a life support machine. She looked so small n tiny. My heart went out to her the moment I saw this.

The doctor told that chances of her recovery are thin. I guess all her children (my aunt, uncle) accepted the news calmly. She has been sick n suffering for so long.

I will never stop praying for her. May Allah choose what is best for my grandmother.

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