Sunday, 20 November 2011


Last night I got a shocking news about my friend, good friend actually. Her husband got married to another one. Gosh.. I was pulled back a bit as I know both of them, the husband. I just couldn't believe that her husband could do that.

I might sound unfair to the husband but hey.. I am a woman. No woman ever wants their husband to married another person and some more bermadu pulak! Orang selalu cakap jodoh ajal maut di tangan Allah. AGREED! TOTALLY! Kalau dah ajal, memang sape tak bole tolak tapi kalau kita sendiri menempah ajal mcm naik motor ala2 mat rempit.. tu dah lari dari dasar clause tu. Then kalau bercerai.. not one sane humankind wants that to happen to his/her marriage. Tapi kalau dah partner buat hal.. violent or probably having affair - tu pun sama mcm menempah tiket untuk menamatkan jodoh.

To man it's probably something to be proud off to have 2 or more wives. The fact is I don't think any person can be THAT fair to all the wives. Mulut cakap je.. hati? Yes.. he probably being fair by allocating his precious time to the wives but deep in his heart, I am sure he favor one of them. So where is the fairness??

My cousin dah bermadu more than 15 years. I've seen her ups and downs with his husband. Dari bermadu 3 orang sampai tinggal seorang sekarang. Frankly I don't like the way her husband treated her but she herself always tells me.. "takpa lah.. nanti aku dapat payung emas" Tu semua ayat penyedap hati.. but deep inside her she's suffering. At one time she was so close like sisters with her madu and at other time macam perang dunia. I think she is now more or less just go by the flow. Let things happen by itself.

Back to my friend's story.. I really feel sorry for her. For whatever reasons that the husband could list still it is unacceptable for him to married another one especially at his age. Last night I kept wondering why and why. I've heard many of my husband's friends married to another one or divorced at this 'late' age.

Life of marriage is not that easy actually. I, myself had face lots of obstacles. Some were scared to be remembered and some were good and always be in my memory. I love my family and my marriage and wouldn't want anything happen to it. I always tell hubby, if you have another person let me know.. don't fool around behind me. It's not that I encourage him or wants it to happen but I just cannot accept dishonesty and untruthful partner. I am a very loyal person and expect my partner to be one too.

I believe in Qada and Qadar and I also believe whatever happens in our life, there are always some reasons behind it. I hope and pray that my friend will stay strong. I know she is now suffering. Stop blaming yourself ( which we woman normally do) and think about yourself and children.

To all man out there, whatever reasons that you have please think wisely before you venture into this new life of yours. To all the woman yang nak sangat kahwin dgn laki orang ni.. fikir dan fikir lah berkali2.. "Semanis-manis madu bole menjadi racun pada seseorang. Mungkin manis bagi kita tapi belum tentu memberi kebaikan pada orang lain."

*I hope I can sleep calmly tonight without bothering hubby by pestering him with this issues! :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

International Day at British School of Muscat

Today is the Oman's National day. This year my kids' school celebrated it by organizing the International Day. Malaysia country took part in a few events. In the early morning the children paraded in a group of their Nationalities. Then it followed by performances from selected countries.

Malaysia is one of those who performed. We did the 'Kuda Kepang' dance. Ehem.. and it was choreographed by me!! At first we wanted to do silat but when come to think of it, it might looks bored and furthermore I don't even know how to do this silat!! Actually I knew nothing about this Kuda Kepang too but with some researched, I managed to create some steps.

We have four dancers from Year 3 including Hakeem. The kid started practice since last couple weeks. They did a tremendous job and everybody loved it! They remembered all the steps taught and they really looked wonderful. As for the Kuda Kepang we did it since the day we decided on it. The Kuda Kepang was made by Nadira and helped from Nurul. Thanks to both of them as they were so creative and the Kuda Kepang looked so lovely and beautiful.

Beside the performances, we also had our culture presented in one of the classes. We had our traditional wedding with pelamin. Suka budak2 ni main kahwin olok2.. The kids got to wear baju pengantin and tasted our traditional delicacies. Surprisingly they all loved it especially keropok! They also got to try playing Congkak and Batu Seremban. Interesting right.. According to my children, their friends said that Malaysian culture was the best among of all that they have visited.

In the afternoon, we had stalls selling foods from various countries. The stalls started selling at 1.00pm. We had nasi lemak, karipap, seri muka, kek lapis, bihun goreng and souvenirs stuffs. Yang paling laku was Nasi lemak and karipap!! Other stalls were selling their own traditional foods as well. Nabila and Hakeem were crazy spending money on origami at Japan's stall. Haih... kopak Mommy dia.. baik je balik lipat sendiri!!

Anyway.. it was a fabulous day today. Though it was a very long tiring day but everybody did a good job! Our Malaysian ladies did an excellent work as a team. Malaysia Boleh!!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Back To Business

After 9 days long Eid break, today I am back to my routine. Well.. actually this break was more meaningful to my children instead of me! I am a full time "worker" and there is no really like a real "break" for me. Hari-hari kena kerja owwhh...

We hardly have holidays here in Oman unlike in Malaysia, asyik cuti je.. So whenever there is a long holiday, we always plan to do something or go somewhere. Beside on the Eid day itself where we had guests coming over, we also organized another session of makan-makan. Since the weather now is getting colder, barb-q is always be the agenda. But this time we had stimbot and yong taufu. Fuhh.. memang pulun makan je ni..

We also made a trip to the desert - Wahiba Sands. We stayed a night there. At first we almost cancelled the trip as the weather lately was not that good. There were rains and thunder storms at a few places in Oman. On the day itself, the sky was blue and bright. Lucky us.. and there we were.. in the desert with a cool nice weather.

Beside that, most of the time we just nestled ourselves at home watching TV, eating and brought the children for a swim. Today as expected, waking up my two kiddies was quite difficult but once they reached the school and meeting their friends - happy and senyum sampai ke telinga. Hmm... after 9 days not to worry waking up them early and rushing to send and pick them up from school, here I am back to that routine.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Salam Eid Adha

Salam Eid Adha from all of us here in Oman. We celebrated our Eid yesterday. Eid Adha always reminds me of those who perform Haj in Mecca which definitely touch my heart as I wish I could join them too. I have a few friends and relatives performing Haj this year and wish them Haji Mabrur.

I and family here just celebrated at home and invited a few friends coming over to our house. I started cooking from early morning - as usual our "wajib" menu was Nasi Briyani Ayam. Our guests came over in the afternoon.

My guests brought Mee rebus and Lontong. We sat down chatting, eating, chatting and eating again till late afternoon. Memang best betul makan ni..

We had a good time and good food too. Thanks so much to Kak Faridah for the delicious Mee rebus and also Lyn for the scrumptious Lontong.

To all my friends and family - Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Never Too Late

People always say, it's never too late to learn or to do something new. I've always wanted and dreamed of learning or doing something but many of them never came to reality. There was always an obstacle that hesitated me from doing it. Money, time and age were the reasons.

At my age of 42 now, I do still want to try and learn something new and I guess I still have a chance. 10 months ago, I did my first adventurous activity - mountain biking. One of my dreams actually! Wanted to this with hubby but because of time factor we didn't have the opportunity till we are here.

I totally enjoy this new activity of mine. I am not a sporty person by default! I didn't qualify in any of sports game during my school's day. I don't know how and why but 6 years ago, I've started doing exercise at home and going to the gym. Now this activity is like a routine in my life and cycling is my weekly's. I enjoy every second of it.

Recently I enrolled myself into a Quran lesson. I wanted to do this long time ago. I can read Al-Quran but what I am learning now is the correct way to read and to know all the tajwid. On my first day when the tutor tested me to read Al-Fatihah.. my gosh.. lots of error in my pronunciation. Even when I read Bismillah.. Aduh... malunya!

At that point I was glad that I took this lesson. I realize how important this is to me and I am not going to miss this opportunity. I've went to three lessons and Alhamdullilah there was so much that I've learned. I want to learn until I am able to read smoothly and correctly. Insyaalah..

If I were to list down here what are the things that I wanted to do and learn, it could be an endless story. I want to learn how to swim which I think this can never be fulfilled - too late I guess! I also want to climb a mountain or probably go for rock climbing. When I was single I always dreamed of going backpacking with my girlfriends. I guess now I can't as I am not 'single' anymore but I think I can still do it with my daughters! YES.. girls.. let's do it one day before Mommy get very old :)

It is never too late as its is better late than never!