Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Never Too Late

People always say, it's never too late to learn or to do something new. I've always wanted and dreamed of learning or doing something but many of them never came to reality. There was always an obstacle that hesitated me from doing it. Money, time and age were the reasons.

At my age of 42 now, I do still want to try and learn something new and I guess I still have a chance. 10 months ago, I did my first adventurous activity - mountain biking. One of my dreams actually! Wanted to this with hubby but because of time factor we didn't have the opportunity till we are here.

I totally enjoy this new activity of mine. I am not a sporty person by default! I didn't qualify in any of sports game during my school's day. I don't know how and why but 6 years ago, I've started doing exercise at home and going to the gym. Now this activity is like a routine in my life and cycling is my weekly's. I enjoy every second of it.

Recently I enrolled myself into a Quran lesson. I wanted to do this long time ago. I can read Al-Quran but what I am learning now is the correct way to read and to know all the tajwid. On my first day when the tutor tested me to read Al-Fatihah.. my gosh.. lots of error in my pronunciation. Even when I read Bismillah.. Aduh... malunya!

At that point I was glad that I took this lesson. I realize how important this is to me and I am not going to miss this opportunity. I've went to three lessons and Alhamdullilah there was so much that I've learned. I want to learn until I am able to read smoothly and correctly. Insyaalah..

If I were to list down here what are the things that I wanted to do and learn, it could be an endless story. I want to learn how to swim which I think this can never be fulfilled - too late I guess! I also want to climb a mountain or probably go for rock climbing. When I was single I always dreamed of going backpacking with my girlfriends. I guess now I can't as I am not 'single' anymore but I think I can still do it with my daughters! YES.. girls.. let's do it one day before Mommy get very old :)

It is never too late as its is better late than never!

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