Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cancer Awareness Walk - Muscat

Yesterday I took part in the 8th Cancer Awareness Walk. We started from the open area in front of the Ministry of Justice at the Wizarat Street, Al Khuwair. The walk started promptly at 4pm. I and hubby were among in the front rows (semangat ni...). We took around 45min to finish the 3km walk.

We were joined by all level of groups from children to adult. Some were even on the wheelchair and also pushed their babies stroller. I could see that everybody was so sporting wearing the pink t-shirt and participated well in this event.

This was my first time actually. I always wanted to do this, to be involve in any of these NGO thingy things. I also wanted to participate in any walk or run and yesterday was my first achievement! Yesterday's 3km was not that challenging to me. Cewah..... but frankly you actually didn't feel you were walking as far as 3km as we walked in a group.

October month is also observed as the " Breast Cancer Month". NACA (National Association for Cancer Awareness) is having a booth for free talk, checkup on anything related to cancer at the Qurum City Centre.

Cancer is so common and related to my life. I'm saying this is not because I am having cancer or what. Syukur Alhamdullillah.. in my last medical checkup I am free with any kind of sickness. Anyhow I am still have to take precaution and do my yearly routine check up.

My mom died because of cancer. My three uncles (my mom's brother) died because of cancer too. My aunt who is my mom's sister is currently suffer of bone and lung cancer. She is now still surviving under the medical treatment. Scary right.. it's all run in my family. I pray to Allah to give me a good health. I am now doing my best to practice a good diet lifestyle.

This event remind me a lot of my mom. To all the cancer survivor, I respect and have a high regard for them for being able to fight, cope and survive. As for those who have lost their beloved person in their life - She or he will always be our hero/heroin. My mom has always be my idol. Though she couldn't make it indeed she was still the strongest person on earth that I've ever seen. I love you mama, miss you and always do.

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