Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sauna vs Steam

In most of the club or gym area they would have Sauna or Steam room. Frankly, all this while I don't know and don't really bother to learn what's the different between both until today when I popped in myself into these both rooms.

What I know when I walk into the Steam room, at first I would feel suffocate and breathless but I like that feelings. After a while I would feel ease and relax. It's not so hot in the steam room and I hardly (as far as I remember maybe not) getting sweat. As when I am in the Sauna room, after 5 minutes I would definitely get sweat.

This morning while sitting in the Sauna room, it triggered me to learn what actually the different and why normally both of these rooms are installed in the gym. Below are some facts:

Sauna has very low humidity which means can be much hotter than a steam bath. The temp are normally between 80-100 deg C while a steam bath is usually 40deg C. Saunas are heated with stones place on some kind of heater. When the water poured on the stones that produce a thick cloud of steam. This effect the raising of temp in the Sauna but the steam quickly dissipates.

On the other hand, a steam bath uses a steam generator. The steam is fed into the room where it builds up to create humidity level. Both rooms are constructed with different materials because of their heating methods. I would put it the easiest way to understand - sauna uses dry heat and steam uses moist heat and both are basically hot bath!

Both have therapeutic benefits. They are good for blood circulation and can cleanse and rejuvenate the skin through heavy perspiration. They are good for easing muscle and promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being (this part, I like!)

If you ask me which one that I like - if I have time I would go to both rooms. If not, I would prefer sauna room as it makes me sweat fast. Psychologically this sweating part always make me feel good!

Nevertheless taking saunas or steams bath is better than doing neither.

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