Sunday, 23 October 2011

"I was just asking, Mommy"

This morning, Hakeem came to me asking "Mommy.. did you see my watch?". Instead of answering where was the watch, I scolded him by telling him off that if he were to take care of his watch, he would definitely knows where was it. I did not just stop in a sentence but I kept stressing of how he always put his things around and sometimes being careless. He also expect others to remember where are his things instead he, himself.

He was just standing there waited till I finished and answered me back "Mommy.. I just asked you where is my watch. You don't have to be angry at me. I was just asking". He then walked away with a confused eyes and wrinkled forehead!

Hakeem then asked his dad whether he knows where his watch is, hubby answered "I don't know Hakeem" which of course with a soft tone concerned voice. Hakeem was so pleased when his dad answered that though he still couldn't find his watch.

He told hubby "I like the way you answered me, Ayah. So cool.. Not like mommy. When I asked her, she got angry and scolded me because I didn't take care of my watch" Hahahahaa.. I was laughing when hubby told me this but at the same time felt so bad that I reacted to him that way.

I was actually in the middle of something when he came to me. I was in a tensed situation with my other child. I think if he were to come to me even if I were to be in a good mood, I guess I would give him the same response. This is not the first time he's been asking about his watch or toys and books whereabouts. Everybody in the house has to know where are all his things.

Being a mom, I always stressed out to him about being a responsible person. Compare to me and hubby, my children of course always feel in a safe and comfort zone with him. They seldom got scolded by him. They always got what they want especially during outing. They hardly got NO for the answer.

That's why Hakeem always says "my dad is the coolest dad on earth". On the other hand, when they have problems - it's me who they look for. When it's concerning with the school matters, mommy will always popped out in their mind. Regardless how 'mean' and countless time I scolded and made them cry, at the end they always came to me and said "you're right mommy.. I should have listen to you".

I guess it happens to all moms. We as a mom sometimes has to play the "cruel" role in the family but of course with some reasons. Kids nowadays are so demanding and challenging to deal with. This is also one of the reasons why we need an angel daddy to be around to be their savior.

My kids though hardly got scolded by their daddy but if they get it, it would take longer time for them to get over it. Hubby would have quite a tough time to win them back. They would get so emotional.

Well.. no matter how and what, both we mom and dad are trying our best to make and do the best for our kids. I always regrets after I scolded or had a row with my children. I hope that when all my children get older, they will appreciate and understand every single things that I've told them. Why sometimes I have to say NO and why sometimes I was being so emotional and dramatic over certain things.

May Allah bless all my children.

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