Tuesday, 4 October 2011

At Home in Shah Alam

I have safely arrived to Malaysia - tanah tumpah airku... After two months left, my feelings were not that excited.. Macam baru je kan lagi... Furthermore I left hubby and other children behind. During my flight journey, I was thinking about them, lots.

From KLIA, we took a taxi back to Shah Alam. I was greeted with a big smile and surprise from the security guard - part ni mmg terasa dihargai.. walaupun guard Nepal! hehehehhe.. Anyway once the taxi stopped in front of my house, luruh jap hati...

My 'small' garden (so called garden because I have like 6 pots of plants and grassy area), were so dry. The grasses were some tall and some dah mcm padang jarak padang tekukur. There were also dried leaves all around the compound. Then my pangkin - hubby's favourite spot.. looked like there was another tick layer of carpet on top of it which was actually debu putih yang tebal!

I stood outside of my house for 10 minutes before decided to went in. Memang terlupa actually nak masuk dalam coz duk sebuk belek itu ini.. The moment I stepped in, oh my home sweet home.. still look the same (of course lah kan.)... How I miss this home so much.

All of our furniture has been covered and not much dust there except at the area of the sliding door. I started to sweep and clean up at that area (nak sapu and mop satu rumah tak larat ah mak...) which then I realized there was no electricity. Alahai.... gi rodek2 at the electricity fuse box area and managed to got it ON. As for the upper level of my house, our rooms still smell the same. Gosh.. these remind me of hubby and kids.

After a couple hours rest and my tummy has started growling, Nadira and I went out to get something to eat. We went to Giant as we planned to do some groceries after that. Masuk je Giant... bau bihun sup, bau nasi goreng.. mcm2 dan sungguh menggugat iman! At the end I ate laksa.. Laksa Penang.. Pergh.. sedap sungguh.. makan sampai tak angkat kepala ni!!

This was just my first day back here! Last night I slept early - kalau ikut time Malaysia lah.. and time Oman lagi lah awal... as I couldn't sleep in the flight. I just got so tired and the moment I lay down on the bed - I was already fly to the moon!

I woke up early today and cannot sleep back though I tried. Well.. today I already have plans and things to do! Got to get ready..

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AshleyZul said...

mommy i think right it's the best if you could hire someone to take care of the garden or at least the outside of the house compound.. im sure we can find someone for the job.