Monday, 17 October 2011

Ain't the Lucky One

Hmm.. kalau bab lucky draw, cabutan bertuah, masuk competition kat news paper or supermarket - I will fall under the category of the UNLUCKY one! I don't remember when was my first trial of being in any of these but from the beginning it doesn't hit my luck.

Give up? Not really as when I did it, it was always for fun beside also always hope and berangan to win. Every time after I submitted the forms of course lah berangan kan.. "kalau ah aku menang dapat keta ni.. aku nak pakai or jual" "kalau ah aku dapat duit sejuta ni..." "kalau ah aku dapat tv ni..." Memang akan creative otak ni kalau bab berangan menang itu ini..

My dreams actually work harder than my effort. I sometimes kept all the forms, the receipt but never actually found a time to fill it up. I still remember the kacip fatimah competition. I told my maid to keep every pack opened as I want to win the 1million competition. Always and kept reminding her to do that. Being me.. azam je lebih tapi tak isi and hantar form langsung. At the end I found the whole stack of kacip fatimah packs (probably more than 10) in my kitchen drawer. Huh.. macam mana ah nak dapat sejuta!!

I sometimes amaze how some people can easily win something or got their name chosen. I've read about a person who every time when he enters any of these sorts competition or lucky draw, he would definitely win. I don't think you have to be genius or super smart to win this. Just fill up the forms and write your name down - that's it right?

Yesterday I got SMS from my telco said "Lucky you! The number 95xxxxxx (my number) is one of the candidates that could win RO1000 tonight from Nawras! Send YES to 91999 now to enter the draw! 500bz/sms" At first I just ignored it but after got encouragement from my supporters (hubby+kids), I went for it. I answered YES and went thru a few steps of answering questions. Each process cost me 500 baiza and I stopped until I had qualified myself to win RO1000 last night and monthly winner of Toyota Prado. With investment of 4 riyal, I am very confident that my number will be chosen!

So last night and masa nak tidur.. berangan habis ni.. plus with my kids dah awal2 asking their portion if I win RO1000. Hahahahhaa... I waited until 10pm and told my hubby, go ahead and sleep and if I win, I will definitely wake him up (cewah.. confident habis ni)! I waited and waited until 12 midnight and after I didn't know when.. What I know when I woke up from sleep this morning, check on my phone - taraaa... NOTHING!!

Hmmm... first thing I said.. rugi my 4 riyal! Then mula pot pet.. ni mesti Nawras tipu customer nak buat duit lah.. and more and more rasa ketidakpuasan hati!! Hahahahha.. pitty me...

People always say.. you will never know that you might be the lucky one! Our Malaysian friend recently won a car when she dropped a contest form at the Dubai airport. She sold the car and got huge sum of money!

And me... I don't know when my time will come.. but I always know I ain't the lucky one when it comes to this!

Walaubagaimanapun.. di sudut hati kecil ini masih mengharap Nawras will call me for the RO1000 or prado maybe.. and maybe also Lulu or Alraimi complex competition for getting a car! No harm to have this big dreams right? - from "Ms Hoping" hahahhaa..

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