Saturday, 1 October 2011

Briyani Again..

Anyone for briyani? Specifically Arab's briayani? Gosh.. we'll just never get tired and bored eating briyani here. Though after so many times eating, even in a week row then swear not to eat anymore... after a few weeks we tend to forget and hunting for briyani again! Hahahaha.. orang melayu bab makan memang banyak pantang.. "pantang jumpa"!!

One of our favourite's briyani restaurant here is called Bin Ateeq. This shop serves Indian and Arab briyani. We always go for the Arab Qabooli rice. The rice are tender and delicious. The color looks pale but when you eat them, you could taste the spices.

We love to have briyani with chicken, fish and meat. The chickens are deep fried cooked. The chicken is crispy outside but the meat is juicy and tasty that you can just even eat on its own. My children love the king fish. Actually deorang goreng buh garam kunyit je.. But because it goes with briyani.. that makes the different.

We also love the meat. Mostly the meat comes with the bone. I don't know how they cook the meat but it was so soft and tender. I wonder whether they cook weeks before.. hehehhee.. The first time when we had this briyani, we thought we just couldn't eat and even favor it. It was because they serve the briyani rice just with salad and chicken. They also have a side dish like our air asam except this version is not spicy at all - just a mixture blend of tomato and onion.

Our version of briyani - like briyani johor it will surely comes with gravy. So just imagine the first time we had this briyani... tak tertelan rasanya.. But after a few bites (3-4 kali suap ah...) we tend to like it. The rice spoke by itself "eat me alone, it's still taste good". We fell in love immediately and it's our monthly routine to have this briyani.

Last weekend we had our lunch at Bin Ateeq. Actually we already had the previous weekend.. but because tekak ni dah terkenang2.. so we went again. Makan memang bertambah.. not just twice. I've lost count tapi memang melebihi muatan!!

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