Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Sayonara 2010 and Welcome 2011. Happy New Year to everybody. For the past one year of 2010, lots of incidents happened. Sad or happy it is all kept in the diary of 2010. Nevertheless I have a wonderful year last year.

There were moments that I would want to treasure and keep it playing over and over again in my mind. There were also moments that I would just prefer to bury it deep down that I never want to remember at all.

I am looking forward with more exciting for the new year of 2011. No resolutions except wishes and prayers. I wish and pray to Allah to continue giving me happiness in my life and also a good excellent health. I pray that my family will always be blessed and protected by Him. I pray that all my children will succeed in their study.

I hope that the year of 2011 promise me and my family joyous and prosperous. Happy New Year.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy 7th Birthday - Hakeem

It was Hakeem's birthday yesterday but we were on the plane for the half day. My poor baby. We woke up in the morning wishing him and no celebration! We left Muscat in the morning and safely arrived last night. Happy to be home and at the same time sad leaving hubby behind.

To my son Izzul Hakeem,

Happy 7th birthday
I wish you lots and lots of happiness

As each and every day goes by
Remember I love you lots
I want the very best for you

No matter how many birthdays come and go
You’ll always be my little boy
That I love to cuddle every night.

Monday, 27 December 2010

The Happy Ending

Yeah.. this is a happy ending for my eating marathon. When I came here one of my plans was to eat briyani – the arab briyani. They are so super deliciously yummy.

We had briyanis from India, Arab, Yemen and Mandi rice.

Yesterday was the climax when we had our favourite Yemen briyani – mandi rice. The beef was so tender and juicy. The bread was super yummy. Huh.. cakap pun tak guna ah.. kena rasa dulu.. hehehehhe…

Also almost every night we will have shawarma. Hakeem was the one insist to have it every night – termasuk ah kita orang.. Till now tak sampai lagi tahap kejemuan…

Tonight is my last night here. We planned to go out to have our last kopek shawarma at the usual place but had to cancel it as we got dinner invitation from our friend. We still tapau the shawarma bringing it to the place.

I will be going back to Malaysia tomorrow morning. Three weeks I was here, I really had a god time. It was totally my leisure time. Though everyday my daily routine woke in the morning cooking, washing clothes but I was not under pressure as I had nothing to rush.

Life is so wonderful here that I wish I could stay longer. BUT.. I have to go back to reality.. responsibilities are waiting for me.. Warghhhh… We are so sad to leave hubby here alone but hope that this will just be a short while.

Pray that we will have a safe journey and arrive safely. Sayonara Oman and I’ll be back soon. The happy ending is not that so happy after all… L

Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Warm Invitation

Last Friday evening we went to Mattrah – the famous souq in Muscat. The place never changes, always bustling with tourists and locals. I always come here those days bringing relatives who came to Oman or to get souvenirs.

We were here to go to a tailor shop making ‘dishdash’ – Omani jubah. It’s for my bro. I got his measurement ala-ala cina tailor duk ukur baju tu. Mostly, I could say all the tailor man here are Indian. You could never find local Arabs working as tailors. I always say that if the authority were to do Ops bersih India (like in Malaysia with its Ops and Ops…) sure the Omani will no longer wearing this jubah! Dah takde org nak buat lagi…

Anyway.. in the tailor shop, I was having quite a difficult time to get the man to understand the measurement. He got all the measurements but he didn’t feel confident enough like ada je something tak kena. While I was talking to the tailor man, there were two Omani man walking in to the shop. One of them just had the same body size as my bro.

He was kind enough to let the tailor man get his measurements. Both of them were very helpful and kind to us. On the way out , one of the man invited us to have lunch at his house on the next day. We declined nicely as of course tak kenal and segan lah kan… He exchanged phone number with hubby.

After two hours, hubby received a call from the man – Mr Ammar insisted us to come over to his house. Yesterday we went over to his house located at Seeb which is about half hour drive from our home. We were received with a warm welcome from the whole family.

The food was so good. We were non stop eating. Actually we had no idea why they were so kind to invite us, the strangers they never knew. Local people here are very nice to tourist especially we Malaysian Muslims. They look up high and respect our country and our ex PM Tun Mahathir.

Setelah di edisi siasat, the man is actually a supreme judge at the NIzwa High Court. Huh… he looked so decent and very humble. He has a big family with beautiful daughters and wife. Though I don’t talk much as they don’t really speak English but I felt like part of the family.

They were so nice and generous to all of us. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki mereka.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Crazy in Tavola

Diissss.. is my favorite place here in Muscat. TAVOLA is a shop where it sells exclusive kitchen ware and table ware. It also has a HUGE selection of baking supplies – this is my favorite section.

When I was here last time, my focus was mostly on kitchen and table ware. I just love all the kinds of plates, cake trays, pots and those entire weird modern advance things they have in here. I slowly bought bit by bit all the things I aimed for!

After two years settled down in Malaysia, some of the things that I bought especially table ware – tersangat ah sayang nak guna.. now are just for display at home. Some are so expensive that I couldn’t bear if one of us especially my maid were to break it! So last2 beli nengok je lah.. hihihihihi…

I already made quite enormous amount collections of table ware. Some were still in the boxes and some were still packed in the bubble wrap – means new and unused. I keep telling myself to stop having the uncontrollable desire of buying tableware. So dengan penuh keinsafan dan kesedaran yang cukup tinggi, eventually I be able to overcome this desire!

AND now currently my new favorite thingy things are the baking supplies. OMG.. this is so irrepressible of me.. tak tahan betul godaan.. Wherever I go I always want to buy something unique for my baking department even though it is just a cupcake cups or liners.

Last week I went to Tavola purchased the cheese cake mini pan and pattern cookie pan. I just can’t wait to experiment it.. Teruja sungguh.. I went again a few days back and bought 10 sets of candy mold! Gosh.. I never try making candy before but I know it’s easy as I’ve got the recipe book for it.

In this shop it has a big range of Wilton products. I can just go crazy seeing all these. Kalau masuk sini kena breath slowly and keep telling myself to chill as this is not going to be my last trip here. I will not be going here again until my next visit or else balik Malaysia papa kedana.. hahahahahha…

But… anybody who loves baking can just go crazy once step in to this shop!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Still Got the Skills..

Jeng jeng jeng… I am very grateful and lucky that my driving license here in Oman is still valid. Taraaaa….

For Malaysian, getting a driving license in GCC country is a dread. To me it was one of my nightmares living in Oman! So kira whoever has a driving license from any GCC country kira hebat lah…. It is not because of the left hand drive but to get the license here, aduh… mcm nak gi perang rasanya!

Anyway here I am back again on the road. Hubby just got himself a new car – my dream car tu…. And he left me with the rental car that I can use while he goes to work. At first, it was a bit awkward as I have to keep telling myself to keep to the right.. keep to the right. After a while I gained the confident and panjang ah langkah… hihihihihi..

Before Hakeem had his circumcision, we went out almost every day. Actually there are not many malls or places to go but it was just the urged of going out somewhere to kill the time. Past few days I just went out alone, did some groceries and window shopping.

Sometimes hubby left his car and merasa ah me’rempit’.. hahahahha.. but I would still prefer the rental car as I don’t have to hear his long Dos and DONTs before I could touch the wheel!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hakeem is a MAN now!

On last Wednesday evening we went to Muscat Private Hosiptal brought Hakeem to see a doctor. We managed to get the following day, Thursday morning for Hakeem’s circumcision. I already planned month before to do this in here, Muscat. Reason is I want hubby to be around.

Hakeem more or less already knows what’s going to happen when he has to go thru the circumcision. I mean the idea of how it all works. He seems to be looking forward as his daddy always giving the idea of how great man you are going to be once you circumcised. Hahahahahaha..

We arrived as early as 7 am to register and got a room. After about 40minutes waited, which at that time Hakem was very jovial, happy and talkative the doctors came to pay a visit. Hakeem has to change to his cute costume. He was still happy at that time. This are pictures before he was pushed to the operation theater. Happy kan..

I was allowed to follow him to the OT. I, doctor and Hakeem played like a game – blow a balloon. Each of us took turn to blow thru a mask which will make the balloon bigger. When it came to Hakeem’s turn, the doctor turned on the gas which was supposed to make him unconscious. Aduhai… bagai nak luruh jantungku seeing my son.

When Hakeem felt the gas he was struggling trying pushing the mask away. He was still talking and shouting “it suffocates me.. I can’t breathe”. We had to hold him and after 5 seconds he closed his eyes but his hands and feet still kicking the air. The doctor said Hakeem must be a very active boy which he is! After 5 seconds the gas had totally knocked him off.

The doctor asked me to wait outside while they performed the surgery. A few times I checked with the doctor about Hakeem just to make sure he was fine and fully unconscious. I was very worried. After half an hour waited in the room with hubby, Deea and Nabila I was called again as Hakeem has awaked and done with his circumcision.

When I walked in to the recovery room all I could here was his voice. Hakeem was crying non-stop. He looked so scared looking at his ‘bird’ which was bandaged and bloods too. It took me 10minutes to calm him down. After he was brought down to the room, he was a bit settled as hubby and his sisters were there.

He was supposed to be tired and sleep after the operation but after a while Hakeem back to himself. Talking and talking.. hehehhehe.. I was relieved to see him back to normal. Hakeem and all of us just couldn’t wait to go back home but he has to pass urine – his first one before he can be discharged.

Huh.. this was the toughest part as Hakeem was very scared and not confident at all to do that. It took us 15minutes to bring him to stand in front of the toilet bowl and another 5 minutes to make him do his job. Today is his third day and he is getting better now.

He had already passed urines a few times with full confidents. At night time I have to put a small plastic table on top of him and covered it with thin cloth. This to make sure the cloth won’t touch his ‘bird’. Kalau dolu2 org gantung kain.. but here with the limited things we have and I definitely will not going to hack the ceiling – cara ni je lah. As during the day time, I just let him to wear shirt and bawah tu togel je lah.. hahahahahha..

We are lucky as the weather here now is cooling and dry. So the healing and recovery process is faster. I hope that Hakeem will have a speedy recovery as Mommy dah boring ni duk rumah… Nak jalan2 ah pulak… J