Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Here I am bragging again about my kek lapis! My favorite topic ni.. :D

I would normally got bulk orders during festive seasons. Where else on the other normal days, Alhamdullilah orders are still continue coming in. Six weeks ago I got a proposal from one government agency. They wanted to have my kek lapis or cupcakes for their company function. At first the order was 1000 pieces.

I definitely will not do cupcakes. I couldn’t imagine myself doing cupcakes that lot of amount. If it is just cuppies ok.. but if with the topping designing here and there… mau tense and all the tempias kena at the whole people in the family!! Hehehehehe…

So I proposed to them my kek lapis and after tasted the samples they like it. I got the order just two weeks before my bro’s wedding. At first I wanted to decline it as I am afraid I just couldn’t find time to do all these. Gosh there were so many things came at one time.

But I always believe in “kiasu”. Allah gave me this and if I decline I am afraid rezeki susah nak datang lagi. After some brainstorming (alone with my own brain!!) I decided to go for it. I started baking all the cakes every day before my bro’s wedding.

After came back from Kedah I cut all the cakes into pieces and packed it all nicely in the box. The amount had been reduced to 700 (quite a relieve though, takut tak terkejar ni). And today syukur alhamdullilah all the cakes had been delivered safely. Seriously today I felt part of my heavy chest has been cleared. Hahahahhaa…

My previous bulks door gift order was from my cousin Dhaniah for her wedding day. Tu pun kalut habis.. I don’t have any helper except my maid. I wanted to do for my bro’s wedding too but I just couldn’t as I don’t have time and energy left.

Anyway I am so thankful for the trust and regular customers who always come back again to me after their first order. Their satisfaction is my gratification.

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