Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Warm Invitation

Last Friday evening we went to Mattrah – the famous souq in Muscat. The place never changes, always bustling with tourists and locals. I always come here those days bringing relatives who came to Oman or to get souvenirs.

We were here to go to a tailor shop making ‘dishdash’ – Omani jubah. It’s for my bro. I got his measurement ala-ala cina tailor duk ukur baju tu. Mostly, I could say all the tailor man here are Indian. You could never find local Arabs working as tailors. I always say that if the authority were to do Ops bersih India (like in Malaysia with its Ops and Ops…) sure the Omani will no longer wearing this jubah! Dah takde org nak buat lagi…

Anyway.. in the tailor shop, I was having quite a difficult time to get the man to understand the measurement. He got all the measurements but he didn’t feel confident enough like ada je something tak kena. While I was talking to the tailor man, there were two Omani man walking in to the shop. One of them just had the same body size as my bro.

He was kind enough to let the tailor man get his measurements. Both of them were very helpful and kind to us. On the way out , one of the man invited us to have lunch at his house on the next day. We declined nicely as of course tak kenal and segan lah kan… He exchanged phone number with hubby.

After two hours, hubby received a call from the man – Mr Ammar insisted us to come over to his house. Yesterday we went over to his house located at Seeb which is about half hour drive from our home. We were received with a warm welcome from the whole family.

The food was so good. We were non stop eating. Actually we had no idea why they were so kind to invite us, the strangers they never knew. Local people here are very nice to tourist especially we Malaysian Muslims. They look up high and respect our country and our ex PM Tun Mahathir.

Setelah di edisi siasat, the man is actually a supreme judge at the NIzwa High Court. Huh… he looked so decent and very humble. He has a big family with beautiful daughters and wife. Though I don’t talk much as they don’t really speak English but I felt like part of the family.

They were so nice and generous to all of us. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki mereka.


Rina NAR said...

Kak intan, apa dia buat with d kemenyan tu?

Vogue Mom said...

That is like air freshener ah kat sini! Dolu2 rasa mcm weird je ah bau kemenyan everywhere tapi now dah imune. Tu bila nak balik mcm tradisi kena kasi guest bau wangi. So habis diasapkan kita org suma. Sekali2 dgn I siap selak2 baju n tudung.. hihihihiih.. Tapi yg ni bau Oud - like akar kayu mmg sedap n wangi. Sbb tu kalau kita lalu je tepi org arab2 ni bau wangi je...