Monday, 13 December 2010

Chef On The Run

Today is exactly a week I am in Muscat. Hubby started working yesterday and during the day time we just stay at home. For the past few days we had either briyani or mandi rice for lunch. Yesterday my tekak dah mula kembang duk bantai briyani je.. hehehhehe.. Where else at night, we must have shawarma though sometimes we already had our meal at home (ni tak jemu lagi…..)

My hubby’s crib is just a small apartment with one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom.. J. There is one super single bed in a room and sofa bed in the living room. It is just nice for us now except if I have all my children here..

On the first day I arrived, hubby left us at home for rest while he went to work. In the afternoon all of us were hungry and mmg nampak Maggie mee je ah.. When I opened the cupboard, hubby just have one bowl, 3 sets of spoon/fork (nasib baik..) and one mug!! So you could imagine the rest… We had to take turn until each of us finish using the bowl to eat Maggie! Hahahahahha..

At night we went out to buy stuffs like plates, comforter and things for me to cook. Hubby actually waited for me to arrive to buy all these. Beside that I also brought one box of food stocks that are not available here. Thru my experience… I brought (which I wished that I could bring more) like lesung batu, sardines, tempoyak, belacan, ikan bilis, udang kering, rempah kari, spices and more and also petai!!

I’ve cooked masak lemak cili api sardine with petai.. power bau!! Yesterday I cooked sambal tumis ayam which cili boh I brought from Malaysia. Today I cooked mee kari. No yellow mee but I used spaghetti instead – overcooked the spaghetti and you’ll get exactly like yellow mee which I think healthier with no chemical and smell.

What I need now is to buy a blender. My right arm rasanya dah naik muscle duk menumbuk je hari2.. hehehehhe.. Well.. My children actually couldn’t last long having the local foods wherever we go. Still tekak nak makan sambal.. or anything we used to eat. I remembered when we were in London, we could only last three days eating fish & chips. After that cari nasi or anything spicy.

And I, always bring like sambal tumis ikan bilis, rendang and even small rice cooker wherever we travel. Ha…. Anak ramai masing2 nak makan mcm kat rumah.. At first semua complain berat nak bawa.. but when come to eat lupa lak.. hehehehhe..

To me, insyaaalah.. I can still survive and make do with whatever I have around me to lay good food on the table. Hmm… now what should I cook next?


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to my sister for being great mummy n wife!! walaupun dok tang mana pun jiwa kemelayuan masih tebal especially anak2 menakan ku!!still nk makan sambal macammana pun, baru melayu betoi belacan tak tinggai!!! huhuhuhuhuu Cayalah!!!

Anonymous said...

kalau boleh, satu pekan rabu tu nak bawa ke sini...