Friday, 10 December 2010

Kenangan Lama...

Last night was the only time that we were be able to visit and go to our favorite spot selling the best shawarma in town. Hakeem especially every night was asking when we are going to the place. When are we going to meet his best buddy – Yahya.

Hakeem was 9 months when we first arrived in Muscat last six years. He couldn’t even walk and talk (still pelat). Every time when we went to this restaurant, Yahya was the one who took care of Hakeem. Hakeem was his favorite one.

He would carried Hakeem, played with him and put him at the counter when we had our meal. Memang manja betul Hakeem with Yahya. During our four years stay there Hakeem was very close to Yahya. When we were to leave Muscat for good, Yahya was the one that felt so sad and cried.

And now today after almost four years left him, we came back to see him. Hubby who was here two months ago informed him that we were coming. Yahya was very excited to see us last night. Huh.. macam jejak kasih..

Yahya held and kissed Hakeem and Nabila, nasib baik tak kiss Deea sama!! Hahahahahha.. We too were pleased to see him. Yahya didn’t change much. The person that we know, friendly guy with smile on his face and always trying to speak bahasa melayu with us.

So last night we pukul habis-habisan.. shawarma for each of us and the grilled chicken wings – the best!! Surprisingly Hakeem and Nabila love shawarma so much. They never want to eat this ever before but now if possible they want shawarma for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Anyway last night will not be the only visit as we will surely repeat it again!

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Rina NAR said...

alalaal so sweet of him....the grilled chiken wings looks sooooooooo tempting...:)