Monday, 27 December 2010

The Happy Ending

Yeah.. this is a happy ending for my eating marathon. When I came here one of my plans was to eat briyani – the arab briyani. They are so super deliciously yummy.

We had briyanis from India, Arab, Yemen and Mandi rice.

Yesterday was the climax when we had our favourite Yemen briyani – mandi rice. The beef was so tender and juicy. The bread was super yummy. Huh.. cakap pun tak guna ah.. kena rasa dulu.. hehehehhe…

Also almost every night we will have shawarma. Hakeem was the one insist to have it every night – termasuk ah kita orang.. Till now tak sampai lagi tahap kejemuan…

Tonight is my last night here. We planned to go out to have our last kopek shawarma at the usual place but had to cancel it as we got dinner invitation from our friend. We still tapau the shawarma bringing it to the place.

I will be going back to Malaysia tomorrow morning. Three weeks I was here, I really had a god time. It was totally my leisure time. Though everyday my daily routine woke in the morning cooking, washing clothes but I was not under pressure as I had nothing to rush.

Life is so wonderful here that I wish I could stay longer. BUT.. I have to go back to reality.. responsibilities are waiting for me.. Warghhhh… We are so sad to leave hubby here alone but hope that this will just be a short while.

Pray that we will have a safe journey and arrive safely. Sayonara Oman and I’ll be back soon. The happy ending is not that so happy after all… L

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