Wednesday, 8 December 2010

In Muscat,Oman

I have safely arrived in Muscat, Oman two days ago. We arrived at 9.30am Oman time. The weather is very nice, 20 deg celcius – cool and windy. Hubby fetched us and brought us to his home.

After almost four years since I left Muscat, when I was on my way leaving the airport, nothing much has changed though. I could see familiar buildings and landmarks along the journey. One thing that has really changed is the roads – it has new highway and many flyovers! There are also many cars nowadays.

On our first day we just stayed at home – the tiny cute apartment of hubby. At night we wanted to go out but Hakeem had dozed off so hubby just tapau shawarma for us. Hmmm.. our favorite shawarma from the favorite spot.

Yesterday we went out early in the morning to have breakfast. We went to the Al Hooti Restaurant, place that I used to hang out with friends for coffee morning! I wanted to eat poori but it was not ready yet. Huh… frust…

Later on we went around the town and headed to MCC (Muscat City Centre) the biggest mall here. Gosh… it was like a film played on our mind seeing these familiar places. Nabila and Hakeem were very small when they arrived here last time, still remembered a few places and very excited talking about it.

We were talking about the places and spots we use to go and plan to visit again during our stay here. In the afternoon we had lunch at Queen Restaurant. This restaurant served delicious briyani with fried king fish. Huh… memang sedap.

Anyway.. today is our third day here and it’s a long weekend for hubby as they have holiday for Awal Muharam and Sultan’s birthday. We have long lists of places to go and to do!

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Anonymous said...

yehaaaa...jgn lupa ole2 dari oman utk kami especially transporter ke klia...hehehehehehehh