Thursday, 2 December 2010

Special Guest

My bro who recently got married came to my house three days ago. I was so busy in and out from the house and no time to entertain them. They too actually were busy with their activities. Only yesterday I was able to go out with them.

In the morning we accompanied our Aunty who as usual every time when come to KL, wajib gi Jakel.. After a few hours there I treated them lunch at Restoran Insaf. The famous nasi briyani with delicious mango juice.Later on it was my sister in-law’s turn went to Habib Jewels. Kat Kedah takda Habib Jewels no… So borong sakan ah.. hihihihihi..

I am so happy to see my youngest brother, Boy with his wife. I have never seeing him at all with any girlfriends. So it was kind of awkward to me at first when seeing him holding hands and lovey-dovey with his wife.

Huh.. this is my little brother who I sometimes forgot that he is actually 31years old who is old enough to have his own life. Eight years ago when our mom died, he was quite insecure. He always came to me with his problems and sadness. I couldn’t stand hearing and seeing him being hurt.

Thank God that he is now settling down very well. I am very happy for him. I am so relieve that he is now has somebody to take care of his well being.

I believe if my mom is still around, she would be proud as much as me.

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