Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The transformation of Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar


Yes.. that is him! You won’t believe it right? The new Malaysian telemovie directed by Rashid Sibir named Wali will be aired at Astro this Friday, 27th July 10.00pm. Ahmad Tarmimi played ‘pondan tua’ name Madam Zaza. He has to sell nasi lemak during day time and be drag queen at night time to support his living.

This is a story about a girl that has to look for her ‘wali’ in order for her to get married. That is when the conflicts start. Well.. u have to watch for the rest

Ahmad Tarmimi has been in the film industries for quite sometime n I guess this role play will never upset the viewer. And not to mention so far all the telemovies directed by Rashid Sibir that never failed.

So watch out u people out there.. I am already back to Malaysia by that time. Can’t wait to see this pondan tua..

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vougEBratzy said...

eew....is that real him...buang tebiat hape??huhhuuu..neway, I think i'm gonna watch this movie..
taw xp,mahal gile calculator...besarnye da mcm tempat calit credit card..hahaha...
neway,selamat pulang!!