Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Where r we going to eat tonite?

That will always be the question when we want to have our dinner out. We normally have our dinner out over the weekend. That is the day when I close my kitchen. Off duty… Here in Muscat, there are a few places that really go well with our taste bud. Mostly are Indian or Arabic foods n sometimes we go western.

But there is always one favourite place that we like to dine n hang-out. It’s is not just the foods are delicious but the service as well. We love to eat here since we first came to Muscat. We even introduced n promoted to other fellow Malaysian. It’s a Turkish foods - shawarma, chicken or lamb grilled n even pizza that taste as good as Pizza Hut!

We call this place ‘Yahya’. A handsome Turkish guy who is friendly n always at the top service when we are there. He even learned how to speak Bahasa Melayu! So each time when we go there he always greet us ‘Selamat kembali. Apa khabar’ n every time he made unintentional mistakes, he will say ‘Maafkan daku’.

He actually learned all that phrases from the malay subtitle of the English movie. Well at least that pleased us. So after a few suggestions n arguments we normally end up having dinner there.

We do sometimes get bored n can’t take the food anymore (after 3-4 days straight eating there). But after one week we will miss n still go back there to see Yahya.

If anyone of you happens to be in Muscat, do try to eat at this Turkish Restaurant. You will sure fall in love with the food n won’t regret about it.

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NutMean said...

Shawarma...!!!dah meleleh air liur niii...jangan lupa tapau shawarma bawak balik Malaysia...hehehehe...send my regards to Yahya..