Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Yes! Finally I have my own blog..

It seems that is a norm thing that almost everybody who knows how to mingle with the computer has their own blog. My husband, brother, friends n even my daughters have their own blog.

They have been showing off n promoting their creativity n thriving of having their own thoughts in the blog (even though some of it just ‘ciplak’ from others..). Who can stand ma….

And as I do not want to be left out .. this is why I have taken my first step to come out with my own simple blog which most of it will express my thoughts, feeling n experience day to day of my life..


aiman said...

congrats SUPERMOM! bravo!, bravo!

vougEBratzy said...

datz y i love u mom!!not juz vouge..even competitive jgk...hehehe.kidding...
nway,em gonna luv ur blog!!