Friday, 6 July 2007

It is just not my day.

I have safely arrived at KLIA, 2.20pm. After almost a year been away from your country, u can just imagine how does it feels. So excited, anxious n lots of plan in your head.

I tried to call my hubby to inform him of my arrival but unfortunately my Maxis line can't be use anymore due to the registration error. I was so damn crossed. I thought I have settled that during the last time I went back to Malaysia.

Then I waited for my baggage. Unfortunately again, I didn't see my bag untill the conveyer belt stopped. Now something is telling me that something is not right. When I asked the guy incharge whether that are all bags from Bangkok (i had to transit to Bangkok for the flight to KL), he said YES! Oh no... I am in trouble.

I wanted to call my hubby n daughter but I can't. I saw the public phone but I have no coins. I've asked around but it seems nobody now carry coins with them. Until I asked one Bangla boy working there n he saved my life, I managed to changed RM1 n made a few calls.

I made a report to Lost n Found department n they promised that they will try their best to work on it. I just hope that they will find my bag. Maybe it is just not my day. And maybe I am just one of the unlucky person today..

But at the end when I reached Malacca seeing my daughter, mak n ayah, that bring the happiness back. But afterwhile when I see my daughter's face n think of all her gifts inside the bag, hakeem's n my personal belonging.. It made me worried again..


Anonymous said...

heard a lot about luggages screw-up at the new bangkok airport. they are just not ready...
hope we could get purs tomorrow..

VogueSis said...


famous bangla tuh.
hero.. xD