Wednesday, 25 July 2007

My busy day

I was non stop doing house chores since morning. I had organized 'hi-tea' for our Malaysian friend who just had his wife n kids coming from Malaysia. We invited a few of our family friends as well.

I made bihun goreng, chicken wings, potato salad n kuih apam (my first time making kuih apam, alhamdullilah menjadi... ). The function goes well n it end up around 8.00pm. After that it's cleaning time... I won't be happy to see my house untidy before i go to bed.

Prof n family are going back to Malaysia tonight. My hubby n Nadira sent them to the airport without me as my other two kids had 'pengsan' after the whole day playing with their friends. Hope Prof n family will have a safe journey.

Tomorrow it's our day.. And I have not start packing any single thing yet..


Anonymous said...

aduh...tak sabar dah ni....kuw tiaw goreng I come...

Anonymous said...

Silakan melantak sampai lebam, dun worry bout d pile-up kilos that will follows, bcoz after that we have ramadhan coming... hehehe..