Wednesday, 4 July 2007

How hard it is to get a driving license?

I still remember after finished my SPM, my parents enrolled me to a driving school class. Those days we have to drive an old Toyota car. I’ve forgot which model but what I still remember that it will shake each time I drive. How I have to push hard the clutch to change the gear (mind you that it was all manual car during that days). And we have to use both indicator n hand signals for every turn that we made.

But I guess it was worth an effort.. with one test I have passed! Just imagine the 18 years old girl got a driving licence. Its like you have everything in your life.. And from that moment.. I am like the chauffeur for my family. Just tell me where u want to go n I am more than willing to fulfil it..

And now when I am in Oman, I have to take again the driving licence. It’s because over here is left handed drive n we Malaysian are not eligible to automatically convert the current Malaysian driving licence.

I have been enjoying my driving for 18 years n I thought I have excelled well. Compare to all my brothers n friends I can say I am a good driver.. ehem.. Especially reverse parking!

But it’s a NIGHTMARE here in Oman. How I had suffer a distress n trauma in my life just to get a piece of card saying that I can drive in Oman.. oohh… When we came to Oman my hubby was just so excited of buying cars here as it is much much cheaper compare from Malaysia. (even though I still do not have a driving licence at that time)

And to be able to drive that car, I have to have a driving licence. I had heard loads of stories of how hard n tough taking driving licence over here. Some people have to go through 15 times driving test before they passed. Huh.. and some just gave up and ending up not to drive a car here.

My hubby said that no matter what, I have to have a driving licence. It will be easy for me to move around n send my kids to school. And one of the reasons I guess, because he had bought the car! The problem was that nobody can look after Hakeem (9months at that time) each time I have to go for the lessons. So my hubby had to sacrifice his time to do that.

I had an Omani Instructor lady. She is very nice n friendly. The first test that I have to take is a parking test or ‘drum test’ as called here in Oman. I did well during the lessons n was confident to do it well during the test.

We were the first 10 cars queuing up during the day of my test to wait for the turn. And guess?? When it came to my turn, I just couldn’t see any clue n even the big 4 drums. I ended up missing all my judgement and FAILED!

When I went back home I was very upset but my hubby was very nice comforting me with the failure that I just made. I still remember my instructor said, if you pass or fail the drum test it is because of u yourself do it. But if you fail your road test, it could be you or the R.O.P (Royal Oman Police).

So who else to blame?? ME!! With all the support from my hubby I went again for the 2nd test. Same thing happened, loosing my judgement n hit the drums! FAILED again. This time when I went back home, my hubby asked why did I fail? Is it so difficult to do it? I just don’t know..

The 3rd test, with all the confidents but still lost my judgement but this time I almost hit the R.O.P.. hahahaha.. And I just gave up.. especially when I went back home to see my hubby’s face.. I cried the whole night and swear not to continue this again. I even asked my hubby to sell the car n I don’t care anymore.

He insisted me to go again for another try.. n I don’t know how it happened but I just did it. Yeah… I did it. PASSED!!! Four times?? Huh.. with almost 20 years experience driving u just cannot judge n tell. I conclude that I just had the nervous for all each test I have done. Maybe I am just to old for all this.. If you were to give me 1000riyal to undergo all this again, I will not.

Fuh… what a release.. BUT I still have to go for the road test, the toughest one. I was informed that I will have the road test at the Qurum beach. I practised with the instructor non-stop for one week. But when it came the day of the test, suddenly it changed to Qurum Sabco.. Huh.. I don’t even know n practised using that route before. It was heavy rain at that time, with all the shivering, wet clothes n strength I had, I just pray to Allah and let He decides whether I should be given the chance for this or not.

Alhamdullillah…. I did it n I PASSED.. I was so damn happy.. just like the first time when I was 18 years old having my first licence.. And I am so damn proud of myself coz I am the pioneer among my lady frens who have a licence.. cewahhh

For my hubby.. u might be lucky coz u can just convert your U.S licence. But u just missed all the thrill n undergo all the process. To Nazri.. BRAVO n MABROOK. It doesn’t matter how many times you take coz end up they will let u pass and when u did, that was the joyous moment in your life.

To all my other Malaysian fellows out there who are still hoping that Msian embassy will do something about converting our Msian licence, forget about it. Enrol yourself to the driving class n get ur licence. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. But it is worth of all the efforts.


vougEBratzy said...

like mother like daughter naa...
me too passed the test skali je..
skang da mahir da ni..
not even 18..muaahhahaha

Anonymous said...

kira ok la tu...but vougemom was about to give up!!

siapa lagi..